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Spotless X2 Glass Water Spot Remover by Sud Factory


We understand that this is one of the most difficult scenarios to deal with. Water spots on windows are normally baked in, and trying all sorts of products usually won't work. Spotless X2 was designed to remove these type of water spots.

There are two methods of water spot removal, one is a chemical based reaction to the water spots that dissolves and emulsifies them, and another a mechanical based method which is by rubbing/friction action.

Spotless X2 incorporates 2 methods, in a unique formulation that makes it very effective at water spot removal on your glass surfaces, shower doors, chrome, bronze, fixtures/faucets, sinks and steel appliances.

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Paint Oxidation Removal


What is paint oxidation? Why does paint oxidize? Can it be fixed? How can I prevent it
from happening?

These are all examples of very good questions as to what paint oxidation is and
how we can better understand how to deal with it and what causes it.

We will explain and answer these very pertinent and relevant questions in as

great detail as possible in the following paragraphs together with proper care.


What is paint oxidation? and Why does paint oxidize?

Paint Oxidation is a term otherwise known as corrosion. It appears as flat, non-glossy and
mostly dull areas on the paint surfaces. It can even be rough and chalky to the touch in some
severe cases.

Basically what happens is that over time, paint loses its oil content. The higher the
oil content, the deeper the gloss and the smoother the touch. Oil content determines the life of
the paint and is also a good indicator of age or properly cared for paint. When paint loses its oil
content, it becomes dry and dull.

Use of automated car washes and dishwashing soaps accelerate oxidation and that is why
most auto care professionals will advise you to use car wash soaps for proper care.

Dishwashing soap is designed to remove all the oil and grease off of dishes but doesn’t have a proper PH
balance for paint maintenance. Automated car washers often use very harsh chemicals that can’t
even be touched with bare skin and sometimes may even instantly damage older or weaker paints
in one visit.



If it is noticed in early stages, it can be reversed and fixed but in some severe cases, the car may need to be repainted.

The best way to save time to see if the problem can be helped would be by scheduling a consultation

with a professional Auto detailer or an Auto body shop. If you have more time than money, you might

want to research products that are designed to help with instructional videos over the internet.

If you decide on trying to tackle this yourself, we’ll gladly provide some advice to minimize
the headaches.

There are multitudes of buffing compounds that work well with foam and wool
pads with infinite combinations.


Orbital buffers are highly advised to take away a lot of hand rubbing that might be very

labor intensive and tedious. Using orbital buffers in conjunction with foam and wool pads will work

wonderfully and lessen your buffing time potentially to a day as opposed to hand rubbing sections at

a time for a week. It can be quite overwhelming once you get out and do the research figuring what will work.

If you have more time than money, doing it yourself may be the suggested avenue. When searching for compounds

and pads for buffing, be sure to get the corresponding foam or wool pads that line up with each other.

Wool pads are normally used for aggressive cutting as well as foam pads that have 40 to 50 pores per inch and

should be used with heavy cutting compounds (heavy oxidation and deep scratches). Foam pads that have 60

to 70 pores per inch are used with medium cutting type compounds (medium scratches, swirls, and medium oxidation)

and foam pads that have 80 and higher pores per inch are used for polishing and final finishing
(holograms, light swirls and paint enhancing for dark colors).


These are what’s called 3 stages of buffing. Dark colored cars may need all 3 while medium to light colored cars may need

2 of these stages. If you desire perfection then all 3 are required. If you are to take this arduous task by hand (which is insane),

terry towels and bonnets of similar textures will work with rough to medium compounds while microfiber towels and similar

textured accessories will work with medium to finer compounds. With this information in mind, practice some due diligence and
find out what products best suits your needs. After you’ve accomplished the arduous task of buffing your paint, a good preventative

measure to protect your work would be to apply a paint sealant. Paint sealant products come in a huge variety and while ceramic

products may be the best, application of this type of sealant are sometimes difficult and may require professional installation by a

reputable auto detailing company. Some other types of sealants available on the market may be easier to apply but might also require

a periodic or frequent application. Letting your paint sealant cure for the specified time on the instructions are normally advised before

application of instant detailer sprays, washes, waterless car wash products and/or coats of wax. Most sealants on the market work well

and the only difference besides ease of application would be longevity and durability for all weather resistance.


Paint sealant products also come with well-written directions and as long as you follow what the steps and requirements, there shouldn’t be any problems.

The easiest way to understand the paint on your vehicle would be by explaining it as if it were skin on your body.

They are entirely different surfaces but share very similar characteristics. When your skin loses its moisture it begins

to look dry and in severe cases, it becomes rough and starts to peel just like when paint loses its oil content. In some areas,

a callus may form and it requires a pedicure or manicure much like buffing paint to reveal a smooth feel and better appearance.

Lotion for skin is much like paint sealants and waxing for maintenance and upkeep. Washing with dish soap affects both surfaces

the same as far as depleting moisture. Proper care with the right tools and products provides a smooth and glossy paint or nice

and supple skin. Maintenance done right also deters the effects of aging on both surfaces as well. We hope you’ve enjoyed this material and

find it useful. Thank you for reading it and we’ll be sure to publish as many as we can.

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Water Spots and how to remove them


Water spots on paint and glass are very unsightly and disturbing in appearance. Water

spotting can also appear as a permanent mark and are most times very stubborn to remove. We

will educate you on this irritating matter so that you can understand what they are, how to

remove them, and how to keep them off.


There are 2 types of spotting that occurs on surfaces, Etched water spots, and Surface water

spots. If you can afford to have this corrected by an Auto body shop or a professional Auto

detailing company, I would highly advise it as this may prove to be a very labor-intensive

endeavor. If you would like to try and first remedy the problem on your own and have more time

then money, please read on.


Etched water spots damage the surfaces by eating the paint or glass leaving mini craters

and are by far the most difficult to remove. The term used to describe water Spot etching is called

sulfuric corrosion. Rainwater by itself is normally demineralized and pure enough to evaporate

without leaving any marks but if you live in places of high industrial air pollution or have an

active volcano nearby, there may be chances of having acid rain causing this type of damage.

This type of water leaves behind spotting that is most times permanent if not removed

immediately. To remove them from glass requires buffing with cerium oxide powder and for paint

requires countless hours of buffing with various compounds. In some severe cases, the glass may

need to be replaced and the vehicle may need to be repainted.


Surface water spots are a more common problem and it’s caused by heavily mineralized

liquids known as hard water. Hard water comes from wells beneath the earth’s surface. When

water travels through the earth to get to these wells, the water will absorb a lot of minerals on the

way down. When the water is pumped from the wells and is used to wash your vehicle, it will

leave behind spots if it isn’t wiped off in time. Water evaporates leaving behind the minerals in it

to appear on your paint when it dries. Sometimes when water spots are bigger than a quarter, you

can see the center is clear and the edges are white. Majority of these minerals are calcium and

magnesium. Gravity will pull these minerals to the edge of the water where you will see that

white colored mark. This is why it is important to wash your vehicle in the shade when it is cool

to the touch and out of direct sunlight. Proper wiping of still water is highly advised when drying

your vehicle. Leaving hard water to remain on your paint even if temperatures are cool may still

leave spots if the mineral content is high. Be sure to wipe your vehicle off quickly if the water in

your area has this problem. Leaf blowers make quick work of this task and are a blessing to have

for painless and efficient water removal.


Removal of surface water spots has various techniques for paint and glass. The internet is

plagued with a very vast field of information from using toothpaste, vinegar, baking soda,

oranges, lemons, steel wool, clay bars and tons of other chemicals. All these cheap anecdotes may

work to a certain degree but are useless in coastal areas where mineral content in water tends to

be a lot higher. There is also a multitude of professional products that claim to make this

endeavor less labor intensive but the best thing to do is your own research and drum up your own

conclusions. If you want to cut out all the headaches of seeing what works, I would highly suggest

purchasing Sud Factory Spotless X2for glass and Sud Factory Dissolve X2 for paint. If you are rich and have

thousands of dollars to throw away, go ahead and buy every product on the market and see what

works (I’ve already made that mistake). Just follow the instructions on the bottle and you’ll be fine.

Once you are able to remove the spots and have the desired polished look on your vehicle, it

would be best to install a sealant, coating or wax to protect your work. Sealants, coatings, and

waxes provide surface tension which makes the water slide off a lot easier. A lot of people make

the mistake of thinking that there is a waterproof shield on the vehicle which is not the case. If

it is nowhere for the hard water to go and it is left to dry, it may still Spot up. If the surface

has a coating of some sort, the coating then absorbs the damage making it easier for you to bring

the gloss back to your paint and re-coat your vehicle. Think of it like wearing a jacket while you

walk across sprinklers versus having plain clothing. You could easily replace your jacket while

plain clothing would leave you drenched and dirty.


The best way to prevent hard water spotting is to just avoid sprinklers, practice proper

drying techniques and wash your vehicle when it’s cool to the touch and out of sunlight.

Coatings, sealants, and waxes are the way to go for easier cleanup and a worthwhile investment

to protect your vehicle. Another sure-fire way to prevent hard water spots from forming is by using

Sud Factory SFX1. Sud Factory SFX1 was designed to protect your windows from water spots by helping the water

slide off the windows. It has a 6-month protection which means once you apply it, you don’t need to worry

about water spots sticking and can be easily wiped away using a microfiber towel.

We hope this information serves useful to you and stay tuned for more as we are able to

furnish it. Thank you for reading.

For a Sud Factory Spotless Review check here

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Best place to buy auto detailing supplies


With the help of the internet, finding a good source for auto detailing supplies isn’t hard. They are practically everywhere. You can find them at Walmart, Amazon, eBay and many other giant online e-commerce sites.

Also, you have giant retail stores such as AutoZone and oriley’s auto parts if you’re looking to buy auto detailing supplies locally.

But what about the other auto detailing supplies, that is exclusive to its brand and more of a lifestyle brand?

In case you’re wondering about the lifestyle auto detail supply brands Sud Factory Auto Detailing Chemicals is one of them. So where can you get Sud Factory products? If you’re located in Hawaii on the Island of Oahu then you’re in luck! Free shipping included.

For those of you not located in Hawaii, not to worry. Sud Factory products are ship and sold worldwide! Not to mention the free shipping offers for USA orders when ordering Sud Factory bundles.


Sud Factory products. Considered a professional grade auto detailing products. Built and designed by professionals for professionals. Once upon a time, it was an exclusive product only but now available for everyday consumers to reap the benefits from.

When it comes to professional grade car detailing supplies, Sud Factory will not let you down!

It is rated one of the best in its class which is why the brand is exclusive and not your average joe detailing products.


As mentioned above Sud Factory is one of the best car cleaning supplies on the market. But don’t just take our word for it. I challenge you to check out the facebook comments left by everyday consumers in the market for the next best car detailing products.

You’ll see thousands of satisfied customers worldwide!


When it comes to car detailing products you want the best out there. After all, vehicles are expensive, why waste your time and money trying products that simply do not work. With spotbot.

Here are some of the professional grade car detailing products you can expect with spotbot specialty automotive products.

  • Sud Factory Spotless X2: Is a superior water spot remover for all glass surfaces.
  • Sud Factory Dissolve x2: Specifically designed to remove water spots on paint and body.
  • Sud Factory Gold: A rapid exterior detailer with 100% carnauba wax
  • Sud Factory Elixir: An interior detailer with a neutral citrus scent capable of removing tough dirt and grim contamination build up
  • Sud Factory Suds: A specially formulated car wash soap with a Hawaiian punch scent

Sud Factory continues to grow and expand rapidly and as of this writing, you may expect to find even more professional grade auto detailing products from this company.

Check out Sud Factory reviews

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How to detail inside car secrets


If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to detail inside of your car. Here are some secrets from the pros.

We compiled a list of ways to detail the inside of your vehicle.

Detailing your vehicle is a professional craft and isn’t quite as simple as just simply washing and vacuuming your vehicle.

There is a reason why professional automotive detailing shops are able to leave your vehicle with an ultra shiny and glossy look and leaving the insides of your vehicle looking like new.

Some of the reasons are due to the techniques and secrets used by automotive detailing professionals worldwide

learning some of these secrets to detail your vehicle in a professional way will not only help you save time but it’s also a good way to maintain your vehicle’s value. Especially if you decide to sell your vehicle later down the line.

Let’s get to it.


Have you ever notice when cleaning your glass windows, it may sometimes leave an annoying streak or maybe you have some water spots that you simply can’t get rid of?

The process is simple. Since there are two sides of the glass, get into the habit of cleaning your exterior glass in one direction and the interior in another direction.

For example: Clean your exterior glass going in a horizontal motion and your interior in a vertical motion.

By cleaning and drying your glass this way, you’ll be able to quickly identify where the streaks are coming from whether it be from the inside or outside.

Another tip and secret are to use a product called Sud Factory Spotless X2 It’s a water spot remover but also a great glass cleaner which will leave your glass “spotless”.


If you find yourself having problems with removing pet hair from your vehicle then read on. Simply using an air compressor or vacuum simply won’t do the trick when it comes to removing hair from your interior.

In fact, using a rubber glove, a brush or pumice stone will work great. The method is simple. All you’ll need to do is get either a rubber glove, brush with thick bristles or a pumice block and simply brush or rake the pet hair towards yourself using one of these tools.

After you get all of the hair lifted from the surface and loose. Simply vacuum the loose hair and rinse and repeat.

And there you have it. A simple car interior secret to detailing your inside when facing pet hair.


When it comes to cleaning your interior carpet a lot of times you’ll just vacuum the carpet and be done with it but have you ever noticed that a simple vacuum won’t cut it? For some reason, it still doesn’t look as clean or new as if you took it to a professional detail shop.

Here is why. A lot of auto detailing professionals will use a heat extractor to deep clean your carpets but if you don’t have this handy tool available you can still get a good clean on your carpet by using the “dry rub” method. This method is just like the removing pet hair method.

Simply brush or scrub your carpet when it’s dry to lift and losing all the dust and dirt particles thus making it easier for the vacuum to do its job.

Another thing to do is pay attention to detail. Look for any stains, a super quick and easy way to remove stains would be to use an interior detail spray. We recommend Sud Factory Elixir. Simply spray Sud Factory Elixir on any stains and use a detail brush to scrub the area. It will be wet so be sure to use a microfiber towel to dry it.


A lot of times when the average user decides to clean their vehicle they will overlook some areas including under your seat.

Always move your front seats to their absolute front position and adjust them all the way forward. Be sure to clean the seat tracks and carpet under the seat. A lot of times dirt, grime and rubbish will collect under the seats and if you neglect this area the dirt will later travel to your recently cleaned areas.

So always be sure to move your car seat to get a visual and wipe everything down. Also us,e the dry rub method to clean the carpet.

Many back seats nowadays are also moveable. Also be sure to check your backseats. Sometimes SUVs have compartments under the floor. Be sure to check those hidden areas as well.


Generally, the hard plastic and vinyl surfaces are easy to clean and doesn’t require much work. However, sometimes you’ll find scuff marks that simply won’t wipe away.

This solution is also simple. Use an all-purpose interior cleaner. Again, we recommend Sud Factory Elixir for this purpose. Before interior detailing would require a bunch of different tools and chemicals to get the job done.

Nowadays, all you need is Sud Factory Elixir, a detail brush and of course a microfiber towel.


AC Vents are often times overlooked when the average person decides to detail their vehicle.

Having the right detailing brush to get inside the finest nooks and crannies will help solve that issue, also using a can of compressed air or even better a compressor with a blower to blow all the dust-out.


Cleaning the inside of your hood is often times overlooked and again, we recommend Sud Factory Elixir to do so. Simply because it works so well. A simple spray and wipe with a clean microfiber towel will quickly and easily clean and detail under your hood.


There is nothing worse than opening your car door and revealing all of the dirt, grime, and dust that collected inside of the door jamb.

Like the other parts we mentioned, door jambs are often overlooked and a simple detail brush along with Sud Factory Elixir and a microfiber towel will clean and degrease inside of your door jamb.

Here is a quick secret or tip to use when cleaning the inside of your door jamb. Locate the hinge and use a clip to keep the door from swinging back at you while you focus on cleaning the inside door jamb.

You can find these clips which look like large close pins easily online or even at Walmart.


We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks to interior cleaning secrets. Doing the work yourself will require a lot of time and attention to detail.

If you’re like most people with a busy schedule consider taking your vehicle to a professional detailing center. If you prefer to take these tips and do it yourself be sure to check out the Sud Factory product line.

You can find Sud Factory productsat which is shipped worldwide. Be sure to bookmark and save our page for future tips and tricks when it comes to automotive detailing. Mahalo for your time and have a great day!

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How to get rid of water spots on black car


If you suffer from water spots on your black car then this write up is for you.

Sometimes, water spots will dry on your vehicle making it impossible to remove.

Whether it be sprinkler damage or water spot build up from the harsh weather conditions.

Regardless, it is very annoying to see. Especially after you wash your vehicle and wipe it dry.

Only to find out that the water spots won’t remove.

We won’t waste your time on how water spots are formed.

Instead, we will get straight to the point on removing those nasty water spot build up.

If you’re interested in reading more about how water spots are formed then check out our other blog post located here.


As a professional detail shop, we highly advise against using any type of home remedies to remove water spots.

Especially on painted surfaces as this can damage and create more of a problem in the long run.

Some people will tell you to use 0000 steel wool… DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS.

Unless you want to scratch up your precious paint job making it even worse.

Others will tell you to use vinegar. Again do not attempt to do this.

Vinegar is a cooking ingredient and is not made for the purpose of applying to painted vehicles.


Regardless, you may have tried everything or even seen some home remedy solutions and your water spots still don’t seem to come off.

You may have also tried other products found online which claims to remove water spots from your car.

But either you had to put in a lot of extra work or applications to completely remove the water spots from just a small area.

Don’t worry we have found a solution which not only works well but is extremely easy to use.

This solution is called Sud Factory Dissolve X2 and is specifically designed to work on removing water spots from your vehicle.

It is safe to use on your paint and we even have a video demonstrating how well it works against other products which claim to remove water spots from your vehicle.

Here is the same formula in the newly designed Sud Factory Dissolve X2 bottle:


Well now that you removed the water spots off the paint of your vehicle, you will want to protect it from future water spots.

If that’s the case, we would highly recommend getting a ceramic coating for your vehicle which has hydrophobic properties and will prevent water spots from forming.

When you do decide to get a ceramic coating paint protection service it is highly advised to get a professional to install it.


Now that we covered removing water spots from your painted surfaces. Let’s go over another product called Sud Factory Spotless X2.

Sud Factory Spotless X2 is designed to remove water spots from your glass surfaces and mirrors.

It works on all glass surfaces (house windows as well) and although it was specifically designed as an automotive detail product you may also use it on any glass surfaces you wish.

Although we would highly advise using it on aquarium fish tanks. Unless you decide to do it on the exterior of your fish tank.


So there you have it. The best water spot removers for cars including the car windows.

Sud Factory Dissolve X2 for your painted surfaces and Sud Factory Spotless X2 for your windows.

These products can be purchased directly online at

Also be sure to check out the Sud Factory Bundles which offers free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Not only does the bundles offer FREE SHIPPING but you also get a discount when ordering both Sud Factory Dissolve X2 and Sud Factory Spotless X2 as a bundle.


A pro tip to use when removing water spots from your vehicle is to apply Sud Factory Dissolve X2 and or Sud Factory Spotless X2 in a shaded cool area.

Also, keep a spray bottle with water to apply to the area before and after the application of the spotbot products.

So basically, you will spray water on your glass or painted surface. Wipe it dry with a clean microfiber towel.

Then apply Sud Factory Spotless X2 to your windows or Sud Factory Dissolve X2 to your paint. After application wipe dry with a clean microfiber towel.

Immediately after applying the Sud Factory product spray some water again using your spray bottle and wipe dry to check your work.

Some water spots will be extremely stubborn so simply repeat the steps until the water spots are completely removed.

Sud Factory Review

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Best Quick Detailer 2019


In a search for the best quick detailer spray in 2019? Don’t worry here at Sud Factory we got you covered.

With so many choices to choose from it can be challenging, time-consuming and money draining at times testing out all of the best quick detail sprays out there.

But there is one out there that really stands out.

That product is called Sud Factory Gold. Let’s dive deeper and take a look at some of the reasons we feel Sud Factory is the best quick detailer spray in 2019.


Not only is it a quick exterior detail spray but it also contains 100% carnauba wax! But what exactly is carnauba wax?


Carnauba wax is one of the most commonly used wax which comes from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree (Copernicia prunifera).

On its own, it is safe to consume and has been widely used in fruits, vegetables, and other foods since the 1920s.

Although it isn’t safe to consume Sud Factory Gold. It does show that with this natural wax it is vehicle friendly as well.


Some of the properties in carnauba wax will produce a glossy finish which is why it is widely used as an automotive wax.

It is also one of the hardest natural wax known to man and also sheds water thus preventing water spots on your vehicle.


We do consider Sud Factory Gold to be one of the best sprays on wax exterior detailer out on the market right now.

It comes in a 16oz bottle which includes a spray nozzle. It also carries a very unique tropical fruity scent of the Hawaiian Islands.

Not only is it extremely easy to use but it’s also one of the best sprays on the wax protection you can get which is applied with ease.


Quick detailers at times are called waterless washes. Tons of quick detail spray products are often used by car detail shops and car enthusiasts. One of the other benefits of an ultimate quick detailer is that it will easily remove water spots, streaks, dust and other contamination.

Normally these quick detail sprays are sprayed on and wiped off. Thus the name ultimate quick detailer.

It’s really that easy. Although, to be safe it should be applied to washed vehicles. However, it can be applied to dirty vehicles as well.


The best time to use a quick detailer is in-between waxes or after a car wash. Also if you suffer from sprinkler damage, it is wise to apply a quick detail spray after your vehicle has been hit by some sprinklers.

It is also good to use after a wash and dust have built up on your vehicle. A quick detailer will keep your vehicle with that “waxed” look. So, basically, if you want a quick shine to simply apply some quick detail spray and wipe clean.


Sud Factory Gold is one of the best spray wax that can be used on black cars. Nothing looks nicer than a nice glossy black vehicle.


Despite your vehicle’s color, Sud Factory Gold will work on any color vehicle. If you would like to purchase Sud Factory Gold shop here

Also be sure to check out the other Sud Factory products. Sud Factory Auto Detailing Chemicals also have a promo on their bundled products.

For a limited time, you can get Sud Factory Gold and Sud Factory Elixir as a bundle to get free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

WHAT IS Sud Factory Elixir?

Sud Factory Elixir is a multi-purpose interior detail spray. I mean, why not? If you care about your exterior then you must also care about detailing your interior as well.

It is also good as an engine and tire de-greaser as well. It was specifically designed to be an interior detail spray but with its multi-purpose features it’s a must-have for all detail and car enthusiast out there.


So there you have it, for the best quick detailer spray in 2019, Sud Factory Gold is a must-have product, Especially if you care about your vehicle’s appearance.

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Water Spots on car after washing


Do you suffer from water spots on your car even after washing your vehicle? If so, this write-up is for you.

We will cover some tips and tricks to prevent water spots from forming and also show you a quick and easy way to remove water spots.

There is nothing worse than washing your vehicle, drying it and then noticing that the water spots won’t come off.

Let me guess, you tried everything to remove those water spots and nothing seemed to work.


A quick and easy way to prevent water spots on your car after rain is by quickly drying your vehicle down with a clean shammy or microfiber towel.

At your earliest convenience, immediately dry and wipe away the water before it drys up.

Also be sure to rinse your car down with water, this needs to be done because of a lot of rainwater carries mineral deposits which will then dry up causing the water spots.

Another sure-fire way to prevent water spots is by getting a paint protection coating such as a clear bra or ceramic coating.

Browse our blog page to read more about ceramic coating and how it can benefit your vehicle and keep it water spot free.

If getting this paint protection service is out of the question due to budget or whatever reason.

You could also wax your vehicle although it is not as effective as a ceramic coating it will temporarily protect your vehicle from water spot damage.


These white spots you see on your vehicle after washing it is called water spots. It’s basically the mineral deposits left behind in a bead of water.

If it isn’t wiped down and treated before it dries up it will cause these white spots also known as water spots.


So you tried everything and nothing seems to work. You simply can’t get the water spots off your vehicle.

Don’t worry there is a fix.

And it is called Sud Factory Dissolve X2. Sud Factory Dissolve X2 was specifically designed to remove water spots from your vehicles painted surfaces.

It will also remove water spots on your chrome bumper as well.

Just don’t use it on your windows. There is actually another product built by the company Sud Factory Detailing Products called Sud Factory Spotless X2.

Spotbot Spotless is specifically designed to remove water spots from your glass surfaces such as your windshield, windows, and mirrors.

Anyways, that is for another write-up. Today we will be focusing on Sud Factory Dissolve X2.

If you’d want to get your hands on this amazing product you can follow this link by clicking here.


The quick answer is YES. If the water spots are left untreated it can cause damage in the long run.

Water spots left on a vehicle over time will eventually etch into the clear coat and possibly the paint.

When this happens, it won’t be an easy fix. That’s why the best way to stop this is through preventive measures.

Such as wiping the vehicle down after rain or by waxing or getting a protective paint sealant such as ceramic coating.

The beauty part about ceramic coating is that it has hydrophobic properties which will repeal rain and water.


In short, NO. However, it can cause your paint to get dull. This is why we do not recommend using vinegar as a solution to remove water spots.

As mentioned above, Sud Factory Dissolve X2 is specifically designed for this task at hand and should be the product you apply to your water spots on your vehicle.

Also if your water spots are caused by acid rain, vinegar won’t remove it. That is why it is always best to use a product that was specifically designed to remove water spots such as Sud Factory Dissolve X2.


So there you have it. We hope this article served you well and now you’re able to get those water spots off your vehicle.

Just remember Sud Factory Dissolve X2 for water spots on your paint and body and Sud Factory Spotless X2 for your windows and glass surfaces.

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The truth about waterless car wash

Waterless car wash was invented on the premise to conserve water and while it is a noble cause, it leaves behind many questions like

  • “Does Waterless Car Wash Provide Proper Care For My Paint?
  • “Does Waterless Car Wash Really Work?”
  • “How To Use Waterless Car Wash?”
  • “What Is Waterless Car Wash Made Of?”

With those concerns in mind, let me just say that there is no way to remove dirt without liquid of any sort.

I truly believe that removing dirt without water is a very bad idea.

There are complex soil compounds that don’t easily wipe off with just water and requires more lubricant to prevent abrasions on your paint.

For example, if you were given a bottle of lotion and were told that you don’t need to ever take a bath but just to apply this lotion… would you do it?

If you are completely insane, you will, but most people in their right mind won’t entertain such a ludicrous idea and hopefully, we can help shed some light on this subject to better help you make an educated decision.


   Often times the directions on the prospective product will state that you can just spray and wipe.

A very bad idea if the subject vehicle is extremely dirty.

If there is excessive filth then there is no alternative to a real wash with water and soap mitts.

Tons of people have made that mistake by following those instructions and have been horribly upset with the results.

Often times people end up resulting in paying a skilled detailer or Auto body shop hundreds or thousands of dollars to correct their paint after the subject product doesn’t live up to its advertised use.

Correct usage of these products should be followed as the instructions state but if your vehicle is heavily soiled, proceed to conventional washing and use the waterless car wash product only as a finishing touch.

The best way to gauge if your vehicle can be used with a waterless car wash product is by inspecting to see if the gloss of the paint can be seen through the layer of soil on your vehicle.

If you can’t see the gloss or the paint has oxidation, waterless car wash products will provide very frustrating results and may not render the desired results expected while having a labor-intensive experience.


 While some products are better then others, they all have different degrees of effectiveness and some may require using more product while others may use less.

You should never confuse price as an indication of product quality unless you have a lot of money.

Due diligence and homework pay off by researching and reading reviews on products left by neutral parties on whom have used them.

Save yourself a headache and added expenses by learning from others experiences.


 If you have a brand New vehicle, these products work wonderfully for upkeep and maintenance.

If your vehicle is weathered and oxidized, it’s not the best solution.

Older finishes may require buffing to bring the glossiness back to your paint finish before using waterless car wash products.

The best advice on using waterless car wash products will come from reputable and skilled Auto Body Shops and Automotive Detailing companies.

It will potentially save you time and money by seeking the console of these professional services.

In the summary of all of this information, it boils down to whether you have enough money for professional vehicle care or have the time and would like to save money by caring for the vehicle on your own.

On the other hand, Automotive connoisseurs and enthusiasts prefer self-care for the passion of the craft while others can afford the convenience.

We hope to have educated you on these matters and it is our pleasure to have helped you make the best decision regarding waterless car wash products.


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