How to detail inside car secrets



If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to detail inside of your car. Here are some secrets from the pros.

We compiled a list of ways to detail the inside of your vehicle.

Detailing your vehicle is a professional craft and isn’t quite as simple as just simply washing and vacuuming your vehicle.

There is a reason why professional automotive detailing shops are able to leave your vehicle with an ultra shiny and glossy look and leaving the insides of your vehicle looking like new.

Some of the reasons are due to the techniques and secrets used by automotive detailing professionals worldwide

learning some of these secrets to detail your vehicle in a professional way will not only help you save time but it’s also a good way to maintain your vehicle’s value. Especially if you decide to sell your vehicle later down the line.

Let’s get to it.



Have you ever notice when cleaning your glass windows, it may sometimes leave an annoying streak or maybe you have some water spots that you simply can’t get rid of?

The process is simple. Since there are two sides of the glass, get into the habit of cleaning your exterior glass in one direction and the interior in another direction.

For example: Clean your exterior glass going in a horizontal motion and your interior in a vertical motion.

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By cleaning and drying your glass this way, you’ll be able to quickly identify where the streaks are coming from whether it be from the inside or outside.

Another tip and secret are to use a product called Sud Factory Spotless X2 It’s a water spot remover but also a great glass cleaner which will leave your glass “spotless”.



If you find yourself having problems with removing pet hair from your vehicle then read on. Simply using an air compressor or vacuum simply won’t do the trick when it comes to removing hair from your interior.

In fact, using a rubber glove, a brush or pumice stone will work great. The method is simple. All you’ll need to do is get either a rubber glove, brush with thick bristles or a pumice block and simply brush or rake the pet hair towards yourself using one of these tools.

After you get all of the hair lifted from the surface and loose. Simply vacuum the loose hair and rinse and repeat.

And there you have it. A simple car interior secret to detailing your inside when facing pet hair.



When it comes to cleaning your interior carpet a lot of times you’ll just vacuum the carpet and be done with it but have you ever noticed that a simple vacuum won’t cut it? For some reason, it still doesn’t look as clean or new as if you took it to a professional detail shop.

Here is why. A lot of auto detailing professionals will use a heat extractor to deep clean your carpets but if you don’t have this handy tool available you can still get a good clean on your carpet by using the “dry rub” method. This method is just like the removing pet hair method.

Simply brush or scrub your carpet when it’s dry to lift and losing all the dust and dirt particles thus making it easier for the vacuum to do its job.

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Another thing to do is pay attention to detail. Look for any stains, a super quick and easy way to remove stains would be to use an interior detail spray. We recommend Sud Factory Elixir. Simply spray Sud Factory Elixir on any stains and use a detail brush to scrub the area. It will be wet so be sure to use a microfiber towel to dry it.



A lot of times when the average user decides to clean their vehicle they will overlook some areas including under your seat.

Always move your front seats to their absolute front position and adjust them all the way forward. Be sure to clean the seat tracks and carpet under the seat. A lot of times dirt, grime and rubbish will collect under the seats and if you neglect this area the dirt will later travel to your recently cleaned areas.

So always be sure to move your car seat to get a visual and wipe everything down. Also us,e the dry rub method to clean the carpet.

Many back seats nowadays are also moveable. Also be sure to check your backseats. Sometimes SUVs have compartments under the floor. Be sure to check those hidden areas as well.


Generally, the hard plastic and vinyl surfaces are easy to clean and doesn’t require much work. However, sometimes you’ll find scuff marks that simply won’t wipe away.

This solution is also simple. Use an all-purpose interior cleaner. Again, we recommend Sud Factory Elixir for this purpose. Before interior detailing would require a bunch of different tools and chemicals to get the job done.

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Nowadays, all you need is Sud Factory Elixir, a detail brush and of course a microfiber towel.



AC Vents are often times overlooked when the average person decides to detail their vehicle.

Having the right detailing brush to get inside the finest nooks and crannies will help solve that issue, also using a can of compressed air or even better a compressor with a blower to blow all the dust-out.



Cleaning the inside of your hood is often times overlooked and again, we recommend Sud Factory Elixir to do so. Simply because it works so well. A simple spray and wipe with a clean microfiber towel will quickly and easily clean and detail under your hood.



There is nothing worse than opening your car door and revealing all of the dirt, grime, and dust that collected inside of the door jamb.

Like the other parts we mentioned, door jambs are often overlooked and a simple detail brush along with Sud Factory Elixir and a microfiber towel will clean and degrease inside of your door jamb.

Here is a quick secret or tip to use when cleaning the inside of your door jamb. Locate the hinge and use a clip to keep the door from swinging back at you while you focus on cleaning the inside door jamb.

You can find these clips which look like large close pins easily online or even at Walmart.


We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks to interior cleaning secrets. Doing the work yourself will require a lot of time and attention to detail.

If you’re like most people with a busy schedule consider taking your vehicle to a professional detailing center. If you prefer to take these tips and do it yourself be sure to check out the Sud Factory product line.

You can find Sud Factory productsat which is shipped worldwide. Be sure to bookmark and save our page for future tips and tricks when it comes to automotive detailing. Mahalo for your time and have a great day!

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