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  • Anniversary Special Bundle


    SAVE $230 + GET FREE SHIPPING when you get the 1st Year Anniversary Bundle! Get our famous water spot removers for paint and glass and it’s  protective nano-ceramic spray coating. Plus get our other Premium grade products, Elixir, Gold, Glaze and Fuzz-Off to complete the Sud Factory Kit that you’ve been needing! All products you’ll ever need in your garage for the Ultimate Cleaning kit!

    Get all the greatest and most popular products in one convenient package to celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary!

    – 1x Spotless X2 Glass Water Spot Remover
    – 1x Dissolve X2 Paint Water Spot Remover
    – 1x SFX1 Instant Nano Ceramic Coating Spray
    – 1x Gold Nano-polymer Carnauba Wax Infused Detail Spray
    – 1x Elixir Luxe Interior and Exterior Surface Degreaser
    – 1x Glaze Glossy Non-Sling Trim and Tire Shine
    – 1x Suds Hyper Foaming Car Wash Soap
    – 1x Fuzz-Off Pet Hair Removal Solution

    Anniversary Special Ends Today!

  • Gold Hybrid High-Gloss Sealant Polysiloxane Infused Wax Quick Detailer



    Sud Factory GOLD is the new gold standard in quick detailing spray and waterless car wash products.  Gold is synthesized with nano-polymer siloxane technology infused with 100% Brazillian sourced carnauba wax for an ultra-sleek, glossy, and protective finish.

    The nano-polymers fill micro-marring, lift and remove dirt and grime safely and scratch-free for a clean brilliant shine.  Gold leaves a sheen of luster fortified with authentic 100% Brazillian carnauba wax for a lasting rich glow and hydrophobic water beading properties.

    Gold can also be used as a finishing agent after a traditional car wash to leave a glossy finish.  It can be used on all surfaces such as glass, auto body, plastic, rubber, and vinyl.

    Best of all? It smells amazing with an orange-creamsicle scent!


    1. STREAK FREE – Formulated to be safely applied onto any surface without the ugly white residue!
    2. BRINGING THAT CAR SHOW SHINE TO YOUR VEHICLE – Provides a protective glossy shine using nano-polymers and 100% carnauba wax leaving a clean, silky finish
    3. SIMPLICITY AT IT’S FINEST – Spray on and wipe off no professional detailer needed!
  • Elixir Multi-Surface Heavy Duty Dirt & Grime Eliminator



    Sud Factory ELIXIR is the next generation interior cleaner that is professionally formulated to remove tough or lightly soiled surfaces.

    A fantastic multi-purpose degreaser for areas that need extra attention to detail. It will free your interior of dirt, grease, and grime.  Elixir is also great for cleaning vinyl, rubber, leather, fabric plastic and engine bay or any heavy soilage jobs.

    Elixir contains a proprietary blend of fierce degreasing and detergent agents that rapidly breaks the most dreadful build ups of oils with a crisp citrus fragrance as it cleans.


    • DUAL USAGE – Safe to use on interior and exterior surfaces
    • MULTI-PURPOSE – Heavy-duty water-based formula that removes grease, oil, dirt, scum, accumulated road grime, tires, floors, grills, plastic, and concrete
    • TOUGH ON GREASE – Expeditiously breaks down dirt, grease and road grime
  • Fuzz-Off Embedded Fabric & Upholstery Debris & Hair Remover



    Sud Factory FUZZ OFF contains a proprietary formula to help eliminate per hair, lint, and debris from your carpets, floor mats, seats/upholstery, and other surfaces.

    Fuzz Off works by releasing the static charge that bonds.  The hairs to the surface area.  Once the static is Released, it will simplify removing hairs using a bristled brush, or other pet hair removal tools at your disposal.

    FUZZ OFF saves you time and money for the hairiest situations that normally take hours to complete.


    • REMOVES hair, lint, debris, and fuzz from car interior, clothing, upholstery, and carpet
    • NO STICKY TAPE NEEDED – Simple spray on, vacuum, or brush off
    • ANTI STATIC FORMULA – Eliminating static cling to aid in removing your unwanted pesky hairy mess
    • USE ANYWHERE – Multi-purpose use for cars, office or home
  • Quick Detailer Full Size Kit



    GOLD & ELIXIR is the perfect pair for your quick heavy-duty interior and exterior cleaner giving that streak-free car show shine with protective gloss.