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New Improvised Formula!


SFX1 Instant Nano Ceramic Gloss Coating is the newest breed of real quartz-based hydro-coating technology. Rated #1 for the quickest, easiest and glossiest nano-spray coating technology. Developed to enhance your car’s glossiness, restores paint color depth and provide vehicle protection from water spots, paint fading, rust, and bug acid spots.

SFX1 repels water with sheeting & beading effects that are highly desirable in the automotive community. Offers water spot resistance, protection from UV fading, prevents and reduces effects from bird droppings, industrial fallout, bug acid, brake dust, dirt, grime, and a mild chemical resistance.

We know you're tired of having water spots and contamination return after you've spent countless hours or even hundreds of dollars with detailing companies to have your car washed, cleaned and removed of contamination only to have the water spots and other issues come back. It's exhausting and this is why you landed here looking for a solution to your daunting questions, great, the answers are here right in front of you.

SFX1 Instant Nano Ceramic Gloss Coating was developed alongside with a highly reputable chemistry lab to conceive the perfect formulation that's made to protect your vehicle from permanent water spot issues and contamination build up. Designed from the ground up after reverse formulation of other products, SFX1 is re-engineered to be the successor to all products making this the supreme solution you've been looking for.

SFX1 is a zero-time instant cure coating perfect for anyone looking for a simple to use, zero-downtime nano-ceramic coating to get effects that normally cost you over $3,000 to achieve through a dealer/detailer installed Ceramic Coating.

SFX1 will enhance your paint finish, create a glossy and slick surface that hides topical swirls and scratches. Paint color depth will be enhanced for 100% better-looking car and restores paint to optimal color clarity for your car.

SFX1 comes with a rare 100% money-back guarantee promise to protect your investment as we are confident in our ability to provide you with a product that works, no snake oil gimmicks, just pure satisfaction.


  • INSTANT CERAMIC GLOSS COAT – Cures instantly even in water
  • 3-IN-ONE – Cleans, Shines, and Protects
  • SUPERIOR HYDROPHOBIC PROPERTIES – Hydrophobic water beading and water sheeting effects!
  • MILD CHEMICAL RESISTANT PROPERTIES – Protect the vehicle from bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, brake dust, soot, and paint fading on all surfaces
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Safe to apply in enclosed areas
  • HIDES SCRATCHES AND SWIRL MARKS – Fills micro-pores and valleys on painted surfaces!


  1. Spray product evenly onto vehicle panels
  2. Let the product sit for up to 2 minutes
  3. Hand buff area with a microfiber towel to a sleek glossy shiny finish
  4. Repeat as needed to same or other panels
  5. You can stack as many layers as you'd like (2 layers recommended)



Spotless X2 – Glass Water Spot Remover
SFX1 – Instant Nano-Ceramic Coating (prevent water spots + protection)
Dissolve X2 – Paint Water Spot Remover
Suds – Hyper Foaming Car Wash

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  • 3-in-1 Clean, Polish & Protect



Ceramic-based quartz resin DIY instant coating

Sud Factory SFX1 is the newest breed of DIY silica-based Hydro-Coating Technology. Developed to enhance your car’s glossiness, restores paint color depth and provide vehicle protection. SFX1 repels water with sheeting and beading effects that are highly desirable.

SFX1 offers water spot resistance, protection from UV fading, prevents and reduces effects from bird droppings, industrial fallout, bug acid, brake dust, dirt, grime and mild chemical resistance.

SFX1 is a Zero-Waiting, instant curing coating perfect for anyone looking for an easy DIY coating lastings for months


SFX1 produces an instant hydrophobic bond to your paint that repels water with water spot resistant properties


SFX1 crosslinks directly to your paint at a molecular level filling in micro-pores and valleys in your paint for a smooth finish


SFX1 creates a an instant glossy, and slick finish for the ultimate paint color depth, restoration and protection




Pure nano silica-resin coating is a ceramic-based formula creating a luster of shine and protection that's simple to use.

SFX1 can cure on wet and dry surfaces, meaning 100% mistake proof. It purely works, everytime easily and effectively.

Anyone can coat a car with SFX1

SIZES: 16oz | 1gal


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Simple application for lasting results

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Made by professionals, for everyone to use

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52 reviews for SFX1 Nano-Ceramic Gloss Coating

  1. Avatar

    Carrie S. (verified owner)

    SFX1 saves me time with washing my car because it stays cleaner for longer now. When it’s time to wash it just takes a quick wipe-down with water (I don’t use soap) and all the dirt just comes off easily.

  2. Avatar

    Allen C.

    I put this on my paint because of the water spot problems I’ve been having. SFX1 helped me with keeping them away. So far so good and I park outside by the sprinklers that have normally given me issues. Right now, none whatsoever! SFX1 was a money saver.

  3. Avatar

    Maria R.

    There are some products like this but this one is the best. I tried some that said they have a ceramic coating inside of it, but I doubt it. I did some testing against this and the other products, this one does not degrade as fast as those and I did try to put it through a lot of stress testing including alcohol and degreaser tests to see if it could be removed easily. This one lasted much longer than all of it.

    • Avatar

      Sud Factory

      Hi! Pleasure assisting you. Going back to our conversation and for everyone else, we know how some coatings leave smudges and a film that can be seen, and especially on darker cars, it would turn it white. We made SFX1 be a lot better with no hiccups. And yes, it is true, you very literally cannot mess the application process up as it’s made to be as easy as washing your car.

  4. Avatar

    Jesse T. (verified owner)

    Shipping was faster, got it like couple days after i ordered. I had a little bit of an issue earlier with trying to get it to work but I called, and they helped me work it through. I can’t believe it though this product was designed to not be able to mess up on the application and somehow it was my fault for putting a spray coating on there before that left all these smudges. Once cleaned it off and used this, SFX1 worked flawlessly.

  5. Avatar

    Virginia P.

    Sud Factory makes some good products…This one is a perfect example of their quality

  6. Avatar

    Agnes S.

    Tried some other products from chemical guys like the jet seal and their other “ceramic” coatings. SFX1 is superior to anything they sell. I used to be pro-CG but now I’m all in for SF!!

  7. Avatar

    Todd W.

    This is a DIY ceramic coating that I use, and my friends use it. Not looking back anymore gone just use this forever

  8. Avatar

    Trevor M.

    SFX1 is a lifesaver! It makes cleaning my car much easier. I had it on for a few car washes now and it still stays on unlike some that go away after one car wash.

    • Avatar

      Sud Factory

      Thanks for your purchase! Yes, SFX1 has extreme hydrophobic effects. It can bead AND sheet water.

  9. Avatar

    Lucy B. (verified owner)

    I woke up in the morning and I just saw all these water bubbles in my car sitting there. It was BEADING like I never saw before! I blew on it a little bit and the water just slid right off.

  10. Avatar

    Isabella C. (verified owner)

    It hides some scratches. I don’t think they advertised it does that, but they might want to list that cause some of my scratches are not visible anymore unless you really look close. Good news, then right?

  11. Avatar

    Sam A.

    Yesterday I got to coat my car in it and my car now shines more than brand new.

  12. Avatar

    Eddie A. (verified owner)

    Good thing it was on sale. I compared it to another product I saw on Facebook and then today was the first time I tried the product and I immediately fell in love. The salesperson said that you can coat your car in ceramic instantly with no curing time and I just had to try it. Upon receiving it, and using it out today, I was blown away by how fast I coated my car and how nice it shined. ended up buying this one instead. No disappointments here just great results.

  13. Avatar

    Lelia G. (verified owner)

    Water spots no more!

  14. Avatar

    Jessie H. (verified owner)

    I purchased this due to the high ratings I read online and the ad on Facebook. It really does live up to its description!

  15. Avatar

    Nancy T.

    I never heard of SFX1 till I saw a friend share it online. I read some reviews on other websites and found out it’s one of the best new products on the market. It worked good for my needs, so I’ll definitely be returning to buy more.

  16. Avatar

    Sam B. (verified owner)

    Thanks for watching the video and hitting the checkout button! SFX1 truly is a blessing in disguise. It has so many other features that we did not mention because we thought it would be too much to bare. SFX1 can keep up with the benefits of your traditional $3,000 ceramic coating jobs…

  17. Avatar

    Joshua F.

    Saw the video on Facebook with a guy applying this to the wet car. Curiosity got the best of me and whatever I saw was confirmed. SFX1 does really coat a car even if it’s soaking wet and if you apply it and run the water on the car you can literally see it working. The more you wet it the more it starts to work even more. I’m not quite sure how that’s possible but it is somehow and sud factory was able to pull it off.

  18. Avatar

    Georgia G (verified owner)

    SFX1 is amazing! Makes my car look amazingly glossy. I couldn’t do it without this product.

  19. Avatar

    Tony S. (verified owner)

    I bought this after seeing the ads on Facebook. Normally I shy away from these type of products but this time I had to give it a shot. I was pretty happy with the results and will be buying again

  20. Avatar

    Lelia D (verified owner)

    Got it in earlier than expected. The shipping was quick. I tried my product out today and the sfx1 made it so glossy. The water from the rain also just came off as I was driving. Super happy!

  21. Avatar

    Mamie R. (verified owner)

    I put SFX1 on top of my windows. As I was driving through the rain I wanted to do the test that I saw on the video. Turned off my windshield wipers and all the water just came off at about 40mph on the road. Pretty sweet stuff going on here.

  22. Avatar

    Beatrice B. (verified owner)

    SUPER FAN! Not going back to the other products I tried. This one has the best water repelling properties ever.

  23. Avatar

    Maggie S. (verified owner)

    I detail on the side as a mobile detailer. I use this for my jobs that need a quick ceramic coating done as it does it well without any issues. SFX1 definitely saves time aand has helped me make a lot more money.

  24. Avatar

    Bernard N (verified owner)

    To be honest I have tried all the coatings thats being advertised online. I think you know which ones im talking about…. the ones that spam the heck out of you. ANYWAY, this is the only product that does what it promises to do. I’ve seen immaculate gloss with minimal effort. The ceramic beads the water like crazy and I’m so confused by how such a simple product is so effective. Withal, they have my support and i’ll forever be a true long-time fan/customer of Sud Factory

  25. Avatar

    Zachary S (verified owner)

    Sud Factory comes out with some neats items. I noticed they don’t have much products and I think thats mainly because they only offer quality products where you dont need like 100’s of products to get the same job done. Those kind of companies are jsut marketing companies and don’t have good quality products.

  26. Avatar

    Edwin W. (verified owner)

    SFX1 is the real deal. I used this on our black trucks because of the major water spotting issues that I have due to it being parked outside with the sprinkler water hitting it every night. SFX1 did a great job at keeping the water off and more importantly the stains from coming back.

  27. Avatar

    Tyler A. (verified owner)

    I bout spotless with this product, sfx1, for a dual purposes. did what it said it would do. Spotless got rid of the spots from the glass and sfx1 kept the water spots off. its been 2 months now and nothing permanent on the windows so far. sometimes there is spots because the water dried up in place but take a damp towel and it comes right off easily. unlike before where you can’t take them off.

  28. Avatar

    Mittie C (verified owner)

    Looking forward to many more purchases. SFX1 is the real deal.

  29. Avatar

    Pauline Johnson (verified owner)

    You need to try this you wont regret it i know ididnt regret it one bit cause the effects i get is on a whole new level

  30. Avatar

    Leroy M. (verified owner)

    I tried Topcoat, shine armor, produxa and a few others that said they are the best ceramic coating spray. Lol. What a joke. Nothing compares to the quality and effectiveness of SFX1. Hands down the best.

  31. Avatar

    Nell D. (verified owner)

    Read a bunch of reviews on the internet about Sud Factory and their nano ceramic coating. Seen nothing but great reviews. Gave it a try and seen exactly why its so highly talked about.

  32. Avatar

    Georgie D. (verified owner)

    I live and breathe detailing. This is by far the best instant nano ceramic coating spray.

  33. Avatar

    Jesus C (verified owner)

    Not going back to what ever I was using before, those were junk. Spent so much money on products that just did a measly job that didn’t do much. Going to stick to SFX1 now.

  34. Avatar

    Leona Bowers (verified owner)

    Water beads and Sheets like nothing i’ve seen before… well until now haha.

  35. Avatar

    Logan V. (verified owner)

    Not going to brag but, I believe I have the nicest looking car on the block now thanks to SFX1 lol. My neighbors was askign what I was using on my Nissan GTR because they never seen is so glossy before. I told them what I was using so hopfully I can spread the words more. SFX1 does a great job.

  36. Avatar

    Esther Mendoza (verified owner)

    I have a van for work in the construction industry. This helped keep the cement off my paint and made it much more easy to clean.

  37. Avatar

    Keith H (verified owner)

    SFX1 does a fantastic job at helping to keep our 4 cars cleaner for longer time. 4 cars is a lot to maintain for us busy people so getting SFX1 was a no-brainer. We like everything about it from the gloss enhancements to the water repelling. It has a feeling of teflon which makes it slick and nothing can stick easily like before.

  38. Avatar

    Sophie Lynch (verified owner)

    Did a water test on this and omg! It sheets water like crazy! EXACTLY like in the video!

  39. Avatar

    Jean M (verified owner)

    Truly the best spray-on coating I’ve tried. Don’t waste anymore money trying stupid products from other companies. I was getting sick of products that didn’t do as they say. Being a detailer, I tend to want to test anything and everything. SFX1 was the best product this year

  40. Avatar

    Don C. (verified owner)

    I purchased this with their Dissolve X2 and Spotless x2. The ultimate bundle. I have to say SFX1 is magical. I used many nano coatings before, I even paid $3000 to have a coating professionally applied. This time with my new car I decided to try something different. SFX1 applied over my new car after taking off the water spots from the car sitting in the lot. SFX1 looked amazing and I swear it looks better than brand new now. Yup!

  41. Avatar

    Henrietta Lindsey (verified owner)

    I don;t buy much stuff on the internet but something told me to try Sud Factory out. I got SFX1 and man, this thing is the bomb!

  42. Avatar

    Jared D (verified owner)

    Purchased this and the paint water spot remover. After removing the water spots with dissolve x2, I applied sfx1 to the paint right after i dried it and it came out really really glossy. Recommend this!

  43. Avatar

    Olga C (verified owner)

    Without going into too much detail, I would have to recommend this product to anyone looking to get their hands on quality nano ceramic coatings.

  44. Avatar

    Keith B (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase. Going to come back. Thank you

  45. Avatar

    Iva M (verified owner)

    Finally got the products in to test. I tried topcoat prior to this and sfx1 is the winner.

  46. Avatar

    Dylan H. (verified owner)

    Got a recommendation from my friends about sfx1 and sud factory products. I just got them in and I’m really amazed by the glossiness that my car has. Even though it has water spots (i havent tried it the water spot removers yet) I appluied sfx1 right over all the contamination and guess what? It still worked! It hid some of the water spots and I cantsee them now and also makes my car reflect light looks like a mirror finish.

  47. Avatar

    Edna S. (verified owner)

    Bought a used car from the dealership and they couldn’t take off the water spots. I had a friend tell me that they use sfx1 on his new old toyota with the same issues and it made his car really clean looking even though it had water spot they weren’t very visible. I read on here that it could hide some swirl marks and light scratches and it did as it was advertised. Really happy to have tried it out otherwise I would have probably hired a detailer or someone to get these spots off.

  48. Avatar

    Lola B (verified owner)

    Shine armor is a rip off and topcoat is another gimmick don’t try those. SFX1 beat those out of the water.

  49. Avatar

    Ora Hayes (verified owner)

    Tried the chemical guys products and they are complete sh*t. I don’t know why sud factory didn’t think about getting these out sooner!

  50. Avatar

    Johanna C. (verified owner)


  51. Avatar

    vincent norris (verified owner)

    I love the glossy finish that sfx1 leaves on the car. Car looks almost brand new for a 15 year old beater daily car. I took it to the car wash the day after and I was just watching the water fall off the car, maybe I didnt need a car wash anymore as it looks like nothing sticks to it anyway lol.

  52. Avatar

    augusta webster (verified owner)

    I’m a full time detailer at a popular company and I bought SFX1 to show my boss. Needless to say, we are now going to be bulk ordering SFX1 for our shop use and create an entire new detailing package based around this product!

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