SPOTLESS X2 Glass Water Spot Eliminator

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Insane new formula! Better, faster, stronger!


Spotless X2 The Ultimate Glass Water Spot Eliminator is an advanced nano-technology infused water spot and contamination remover. Spotless X2 is designed to obliterate light-to-severe hard water spots and mineral build-up with a proprietary formula that will work 100% of the time.

You've tried everything, spent hundreds on products and nothing works, and you're tired of seeing the water spots and build up on your car's windows and maybe your shower doors too. You're not sure how to remove it, maybe you've considered hiring a detailer and paying hundreds to remove them and now you're here checking out Spotless X2 because you're looking for a cost-effective solution, you've found the right website.

Spotless X2 is the only product on the market that promises on what it delivers. It's made to obliterate water spots and other mineral build-ups on your windows/glass surfaces for that perfect clean slate.

Reverse the hands of time and get your windows back to like-new again, get your sanity back, cure the insane issues you're dealing with, Spotless X2 is here, and it's ready to fix you.

Spotless X2 has the power to remove tough hard water stains and glass contamination from decades of build-up easily and effectively.

No second-guessing if this product will work. Our Spotless X2 is a luxury product for anyone looking to finally remove build-up, and has tried every trick in the book and wasted money and time on products that promised to deliver and ultimately failed.

Spotless X2 comes with a rare 100% money-back guarantee promise to protect your investment as we are confident in our ability to provide you with a product that works, no snake oil gimmicks, just pure satisfaction.


  • Glass surfaces
  • Shower glass doors
  • Windows
  • Splashbacks
  • Chrome
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Sinks
  • Basin
  • Trim
  • Tiles
  • Grout
  • Stovetops
  • Swimming pool & so much more


  1. Apply product to a terry towel
  2. Rub into water spots/build-up until stains are removed
  3. Rinse area with water to remove residue
  4. Repeat as needed



Spotless X2 – Glass Water Spot Remover
SFX1 – Instant Nano-Ceramic Coating (prevent water spots + protection)
Dissolve X2 – Paint Water Spot Remover
Suds – Hyper Foaming Car Wash

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Product Description

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Spotless X2 is the World’s Famous Water Spot Remover formulated for all Glass & Hard Surfaces. Spotless X2 will remove all water spots from windows and glass surfaces effectively like nothing else on the market.

Spotless X2 has the power to remove tough hard water stains that and glass contamination from years of build-up! Obliterate those water spots with Spotless.

Spotless’s strength in glass water spot removal is unmatched. See why millions have been sold.



The absolute strongest water spot remover for glass on the market. NO STAINS LEFT BEHIND!


Over 1 million bottles sold in the first year, Spotless X2 is one of a kind and the leader in it's class!


We cut all the non-sense, Spotless X2 is designed to permanently remove water spots not hide them!




Water Spot Removal Perfection in a bottle.

Sud Factory Spotless X2 took the World by storm with it’s amazing glass water spot removal properties!

Simple to use, and amazingly effective!

Hand crafted by a famous auto detailing company for use by everyone!

SIZES: 8oz | 16oz | 1gal


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Spotless X2 will always work

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Professional results, great prices

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Customer reviews

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106 reviews for SPOTLESS X2 Glass Water Spot Eliminator

  1. Avatar

    Terry C.

    I extremely highly recommend this product!. It cleaned my windshield, shower doors, tubs, stovetops like magic! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

  2. Avatar

    Charlie D. (verified owner)

    My glass looks brand new again!

  3. Avatar

    Genevieve F. (verified owner)

    I was considering to replace my windshield wipers just before I bought this product. I made my purchase online and waited patiently for my package to arrive. I can honestly say I stand by these products that it works!

  4. Avatar

    Bobby H. (verified owner)

    I own a cleaning service and I do professional glass and tile restoration. I tried some products that I do not want to mention because they do not work. I read on more about this product online and what caught my eye was “just a little elbow grease to get the job done”. I couldn’t believe what I saw because I use a MAKITA POLISHER to tackle the stuff that is tough to remove. My experience using this product was the shower glass doors. The glass doors had so much buildup of soap scum!. I love this product it works really well.

  5. Avatar

    Hester C.

    I love this product thank you Sud Factory!!!

  6. Avatar

    Dominic H.

    I am very thankful for this product. It saved me hundreds, even thousands of dollars from having to replace my shower doors and my windows. It doesn’t smell so it was a plus for me.

  7. Avatar

    Ralph G. (verified owner)

    I had tried everything from vinegar, baking soda, to lemon juice and omg nothing worked. This product is a lifesaver! I thought I would’ve had to replace my windshield but thanks to SPOTLESSx2 I didn’t have to spend hundreds.

  8. Avatar

    Ruby H.

    Spotlessx2 definitely get a plus for me 🙂

  9. Avatar

    Mabelle C.

    I own a glass cleaning company with over 20 years of experience and I have tried many different types of cleaning DIY mixes to get water stains off windows. I have tried using razor blades, toothpaste, vinegar, lemon, and baking soda, nothing worked not even for a tad bit. I got sick and tired of wasting money on products but I told myself to try this product out before I give up totally. This product is perfect it helped me remove all of the hard water stains on the hotel windows I clean.

  10. Avatar

    James M. (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Don’t doubt yourself buying just go ahead and buy!

  11. Avatar

    Loretta J.

    I know this is advertised mostly for glass or cars but I purchased it for my tiles since I saw it in their description it could be used for tiles, grout, stove tops etc… Nothing does quite the job as SPOTLESSx2!

  12. Avatar

    Ethan R.

    AMAZING PRODUCT! I stumbled upon it while I was surfing around Facebook and I saw an ad I have to thank my curiosity for clicking the ad plus I was in disbelief so I had to try it out myself.

  13. Avatar

    Bessie M.

    This stuff is AWESOME!!!!

  14. Avatar

    Ola M.

    Miracle in a bottle

  15. Avatar

    Adam F.

    I had been going to get my car detailed for years and I’ve always been charged almost $100 each time I get my water spots removed. Purchased this product and I can now do it myself!

  16. Avatar

    Amy N.

    My car has been neglected, it’s parked outside sprinklers hit it every night and it’s my daily driver. Thanks to SudFactory for bringing Spotlessx2 to the market. Their product saved my poor little car.

  17. Avatar

    Martha W.

    I have been battling with hard water spots on my vehicle for years and what seemed to work for me is this SPOTLESSX2!!! it’s a no brainer product to buy. It literally took me a couple minutes to complete my whole passenger side windows.

  18. Avatar

    Richard W. (verified owner)

    Works like magic!!! It is gentle enough to apply without gloves!!

  19. Avatar

    Tony G.

    I’m from Mississippi living on an Ocean Front property and my car is parked outside with a lot of water spots on my glass. I tried a lot of things from youtube and it didn’t work for me. I saw SPOTLESSX2 on Facebook and I decided to click the link and ordered it. So far it’s helped me remove all my water spots from my glass and I also tried their DISSOLVEX2! Both products worked in my favor perfectly.

  20. Avatar

    Lillian T.

    I can now see out of my shower doors

  21. Avatar

    Marc P.

    Hello, SudFactory I have had sprinkler oversprays with months worth on my whole entire car. I am OLD and I have no time to detail my vehicle I also do not want to take it to detailers since it they charge 100’s of dollars just to remove water spots. I just wanted to tell you guys that this product is heaven sent! you guys are awesome.

  22. Avatar

    Brian Reed (verified owner)

    Absolute mad-house! Animal product works flawlessly!

  23. Avatar

    Peter A.

    Powerful product! you don’t need a buffer which is a plus.

  24. Avatar

    Jorge M.

    I am happy with how clean my windows finally look. Left my windows feeling silky smooth!

  25. Avatar

    Cornelia V. (verified owner)

    Very pleased, works fantastically. I highly recommend

  26. Avatar

    Jeffrey W.

    The BEST of the BEST!

  27. Avatar

    Lou Graham (verified owner)

    Got to use it today and figured to post some before and after photos. How can do it here? Difference is night and day. Spotless hands down the best

  28. Avatar

    Maurice (verified owner)

    Used it on my windshield around those areas that borders the sides where the windshield wipers don’t catch. You know those areas right. It took it right off! Completely loving it.

  29. Avatar

    Lida M. (verified owner)

    I used this with Dissolve X2 for the paint. Complete set with Spotless X2 and I was sold. Told all my friends about it.

  30. Avatar

    Esther (verified owner)

    It works quickly

  31. Avatar

    Jeffery P. (verified owner)

    Im in a car club and we all discussed this product after watching one of our club mates remove all the spots from his car with this. Stuff is magic.

  32. Avatar

    Maurice (verified owner)

    Don’t care what it costs, it works.

  33. Avatar

    Gussie Stone (verified owner)

    Removed the worst water spots I ever had. Followed up with SFX1 to seal the deal and the water spots never came back.

  34. Avatar

    Tom (verified owner)

    just saw their fb ad. had 2 try it out. it does work.

  35. Avatar

    Gavin C. (verified owner)

    Super excited to get the products. Once i had the chance to try it out I was amazed and loved it very much.

  36. Avatar

    Chester H. (verified owner)

    Removed my 10 years of water build up on my shower doors

  37. Avatar

    Eleanor Wilkins (verified owner)

    No more wasting money for me. This is the only product that works. Finally something that does what it says it will do.

  38. Avatar

    Julia B. (verified owner)

    I used this product for the first time today and I am so happy with my purchase I used it on everything! from my car windows, chrome parts of my car, tub, toilet, stovetop, my shower OMG it is wonderful

  39. Avatar

    Alex W. (verified owner)

    Thanks guys/girls, got rid of my water spots. Finally able to see through them. its been years lol

  40. Avatar

    Edna M. (verified owner)

    Got rid of 15-year old water spots from the cars we have. I can vouch for this product.

  41. Avatar

    Shane Mills (verified owner)

    Coming clean (pun intended) used it when my Wife said not to use it cause it was hers for the house — needed it for the cars lol and it does the job good ill juts go buy my own bottle instead lol

  42. Avatar

    Edward Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Purchased Spotless X2 the other day and the got the Dissolve with it. The pair both eliminated the water spots from my car. I’m gonna try out SFX1 next so they don’t return!

  43. Avatar

    Larry N.

    Solved my LLLLOOOOOONNNNNGGGEEEESSSTTT pet peeve problem!

  44. Avatar

    Kevin (verified owner)

    TBH i only got this because my husband told me about it and we used it for our shower doors and tiles.

  45. Avatar

    Lelia J. (verified owner)

    My husband and I live in Florida and we own a car detail shop. We constantly have clients with bad water spots that have been caked on their windshield and windows for years and they always tell us nothing worked. They even said they tried vinegar. We purchased this product because we saw it on YouTube and then my husband saw it all over facebook being advertised. We made the purchase and OMG we were so blown away this product is truly amazing and t works great. The guy on YouTube was applying it with his finger so I told my husband to try it out just like what the guy did in the video. All you really need is a microfiber cloth and a dab of this product!. I would recommend this product to anyone with harsh water spots on their glass. Our clients love this

  46. Avatar

    Alfred (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Highly recommended

  47. Avatar

    Lina (verified owner)

    Saw some ads with the Dissolve X2 paint water spot remover on their instagram posts so I tried that out. It worked well so I went and ordered the water spot remover for glass too. They both worked good and took out the water spots effectively. I tried other stuff out but this took it out the others not so much.

  48. Avatar

    Garrett F.

    Used this on our shower doors that had what looks like calcium build up or lime or w.e don’t really know exactly but its definitely looking like water spots on it that was there since we purchased the house several years ago. This product works thats for sure.

  49. Avatar

    Jeff (verified owner)

    I bought SFX1 initially for the gloss enhancement but I noticed i forgot tot ake out the water spots so I ended up buying this product for that purpose of stain removal then recoated the car with SFX1. Now it looks waaaaaaaay better than earlier

  50. Avatar

    Barry F. (verified owner)

    It took off the hazing off my glass that was caused by caked-on water spots leaving it hard for me to see when I drive. Thank you Sud Factory!

  51. Avatar

    Adrian M. (verified owner)

    I saw these ads on Facebook like some of you and I can tell you this, it’s the only thing that worked for me.

  52. Avatar

    Rosalie L.

    I am an auto detailing expert with youtube videos. I was able to test Spotless out and I definitely recommend this over all other products out there. Spotless X2 does the job thoroughly.

  53. Avatar

    Matthew M. (verified owner)

    Just like some other people here I also was a curious spectator after seeing the posts on Facebook. After reading all the comments I was enticed to actually purchase it and check it out for myself. With years and years and years of contamination build upon my windows, Spotless X2 was the only product that worked for my needs. I tried just about everything on the market, nothing works better and more effectively than this one.

  54. Avatar

    Gavin C. (verified owner)


  55. Avatar

    Corey Clarke (verified owner)

    I got the bundle they had on sale. Gotta say its one of the best things I got this year so far. My car never looked so great.

  56. Avatar

    Raymond (verified owner)

    My friends told me about Spotless as some of them have used it for their cars. I was wondering at first why they didnt have any water spots like I did even though I was my car almost every other day. I guess our water in Hawaii just sucks and filled with minerals lol. But anyway I tried it and it took the spots off easily. I heard graet things about the paint water spot remover too so I’m going to try that one next with the SFX1 ceramic coating. Shoots!

  57. Avatar

    Eric Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Will keep ordering this for as long as I need it

  58. Avatar

    Joshua (verified owner)

    I’m a social influencer by trade and do product video reviews. Hands down, Spotless X2 did wonders. We tried it again some top brands out there, Sud Factory’s products are serious business.

  59. Avatar

    Elizabeth C.

    Rubbed a little harder than normal on the glass cause my spots are really bad and it worked good

  60. Avatar

    Mitchell L. (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to try as I don’t buy anything from Facebook, this is like the first thing I ever got from there. To be honest, no regrets here. Spotless did as it said it would.

  61. Avatar

    Carl S.

    Works as advertised

  62. Avatar

    Aiden B. (verified owner)

    Finally a product that works without gimmicks. The video was funny. But what’s with the guy with the hairy arms? LOL!

  63. Avatar

    Dollie T.

    Sorry but at first I was going to leave 1 star rating. I called them to ask about my order, they helped me call USPS and made sure the package arrived at the right address. It was my fault I didn’t put the right address at first but they made sure USPS got it to me. 5-stars for the service support! They are fast and easy to work with.

  64. Avatar

    Lou M.

    Recommend them. I used the old product under the old brand and works well. I tried this new one and it’s even better.

  65. Avatar

    Katie R. (verified owner)

    My customers love this. I had to bring it in to the shop for sale.

  66. Avatar

    Clarence L (verified owner)

    My friend posted a video of him using the water spot remover for paint on his car so I just had to try it out too. Naturally they only use quality car care products. Knowing this, I tested it out myself and produced the same results in their videos. Literally used a finger and rubbed the water spots off like butter. 🙂

  67. Avatar

    Marc T. (verified owner)

    The formula was changed as far as I can see… But it’s much better!

  68. Avatar

    Nelle (verified owner)

    Got this for my other half to use on the car. I ended up also using it on the shower glass doors, it took our about 10 years of water spot buildup easily.

  69. Avatar

    Rebecca Lindsey (verified owner)

    Best product ever!

  70. Avatar

    Derrick V. (verified owner)

    Just did my paint with the dissolve water spot remover and got this with it in the bundle. Cheap but the results you get probably worth more than $500+

  71. Avatar

    Raymond S. (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this Spotless

  72. Avatar

    Jesus F.

    Miracle products

  73. Avatar

    Birdie Gordon (verified owner)

    I have a mobile detailing gig, I use sud factory exclusively for my business.

  74. Avatar

    Essie Y.

    I tried so many things to take out the water spot buildup on my vehicle that sits out in the sun all day… I found this product and it definitely works the best part about it is that it does not have a funky smell! I have also tried it on my stovetops and it works perfectly fine.

  75. Avatar

    Georgie D. (verified owner)

    I own an auto detailing company on the side. This helped me a lot with my business and will be returning to order more

  76. Avatar

    Theresa D (verified owner)

    Yo! Sud Factory!! Hello, Hello Hello! I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for an amazing product! You saved my company lots of money and time with spotless! I finally get to use a safe non-acidic product that takes minimal effort to use. The results I got were fantastic. Helped me do my job a lot quicker and safer. I support this brand 100%

  77. Avatar

    Bertha T. (verified owner)

    I cannot believe how easy this works. The facebook video made it looks so simple and right now I am even more happy because it works just as I saw in the video. Recommended!

  78. Avatar

    Myrtle C.

    Thanks for the product. Works good

  79. Avatar

    Stanley R.

    Used this on our trucks for work. Construction job sites would leave bad contamination on our windows. This cleared it all up like a champ!

  80. Avatar

    Raymond R. (verified owner)

    +1 I agree with all the comments here. They are great.

  81. Avatar

    Jessie F. (verified owner)

    Sud Factory used to have a different brand i think, Spotbot? If so this product is just like it but I like this new one better. Looks the same but makes it easier to use.

  82. Avatar

    Brian N. (verified owner)

    I had the old brand before and this is just as good. I like their site better than the last one.

  83. Avatar

    Patrick S (verified owner)

    I live in hawaii and the water here is bad. we are bombarded with mineralized water thanks tot he natrual filteration system that filters water through the rocks. picks up a lot of minerals and deposits it right onto our cars! well at least i got a product now that can remove the spots. i also got the sfx1 to protect my windows now

  84. Avatar

    Loretta V. (verified owner)


  85. Avatar

    Lenora C.

    Lol saw the videos on youtube and had to try it. They compared it against a ‘top brand’ but as you all know that brand is whack. The brand they compared it with, yeah does a lot of marketing and say they are good but they are complete crap products made from China. Sud Factory has quality product, products that actually work. I wouldn’t try anything else and waste money on them thats just my 2 cents.

  86. Avatar

    Victoria B. (verified owner)

    Whatever this stuff made of………. I WANT MORE OF IT

  87. Avatar

    Rosetta Scott (verified owner)

    This company has good stuff. I believe they said professional grade quality and it lives up to it’s name.

  88. Avatar

    Verna P. (verified owner)

    Can’t compete with the price. You really get what you pay for. I wasted a lot of money on detailing chemicals that say they work. But NOPE. Spotless was the only thing that removed my hard water stains.

  89. Avatar

    Estella (verified owner)

    I got the bundle 16oz water spot destroyers. Came with this one and it worked flawlessly for what I was trying to accomplish…

  90. Avatar

    Elmer H.

    Lots of build up on our windows for the house so I had to give it a shot. This is the best thing out there.

  91. Avatar

    Scott C.

    Could not believe my eyes my windows are clear after all these years.

  92. Avatar

    Marguerite P. (verified owner)

    So far I have only tried this product. I saw the new SFX1 to repel/sheet off the water. I am totally in love with this product (Spotlessx2). I can’t wait to try my SFX1.

  93. Avatar

    Mattie Love (verified owner)

    So i got a new car, and guess what? Supposedly the dealer put some kind of ‘coating‘ on the car right, but that doesn’t help me at all with the sprinkler water my car endures every night. I still saw water spots all over the paint and the glass. I only got the spotless because my glass is the worse as I can’t see out the window easily anymore. For a few months old car this is terrible that my car looks like crap. I used spotless to remove the water spots and applied the ceramic coating they have. BIG DIFFERENCE! the water juts slides off and my spots are gone, period. NO more annoyances!

  94. Avatar

    Hulda C. (verified owner)

    Shipping was quick.

  95. Avatar

    Richard B. (verified owner)

    I love my cars but one thing that’s hard to do is keep up with the washes when so busy with work. My cars are black so the worse thing is… water spots! They turn white on your car. If you had a white car not so bad, blends in at some angles but don’t take it for granted because that spots will mess your car up if you don’t take it off. Anyhow, I got the dissolve for the paint and the glass water spot remover spotless. They work just like in the videos. Easy!

  96. Avatar

    Rebecca (verified owner)

    Love it! Purchased more.

  97. Avatar

    Randall D (verified owner)

    Finally got to try it out this week. Amazed with the results and the quality of the product. Will be back for more once I run out.

  98. Avatar

    Matthew Ramsey (verified owner)

    I have a detail shop and one of the hardest parts is the water spot removal. There’s some products that just hide it and it comes back after a while, even if you put a coating on it (because it’s hidden of course). Spotless was the only water spot remover that was able to actually remove them instead of masking it behind some kind of polymer. Very happy with it.

  99. Avatar

    Donald (verified owner)

    You need to try it and see what it’s all about!

  100. Avatar

    Sean G. (verified owner)

    Count me in with everyone else. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Honestly was expecting it to be just like other water spot removers that just did OK. The product exceeded my expectations. It really does work like int he videos that I watched, just a little rub and it goes away.

  101. Avatar

    Cornelia (verified owner)

    I own a used car dealership and we are bombarded with a high volume of cars that come in for purchase. One of the toughest things is the water spot removal during the detail to at least get to sellable condition. Spotless saved us time and money by helping get rid of the spots. our in-house detailer loves it especially because he can turn over cars much quicker and have more done per-hour. Highly effective.

  102. Avatar

    Alex (verified owner)

    The best water spot remover I tried

  103. Avatar

    Willie Wallace (verified owner)

    One little tip, a little goes a long way, I found out that if using too much product, its over kill. You need just a little and you ould do maybe a quarter of an entire window. I did my entire car with the 16oz bottle AND I was able to do my other half’s 2 cars as well. We live in a bad area with bad mineralized water. This took them right out.

  104. Avatar

    Beatrice (verified owner)

    Only this product works!

  105. Avatar

    Harry R. (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with the price. You get what you pay of. I wasted a lot of money on other products that some how promised to remove water spots but NOPE this the only one that actually works as they say it would.

  106. Avatar

    Winnie M (verified owner)

    They have a 30-day money back promise so I knew I had nothing to loose at this point. I used the entire bottle to do 2 cars that we have that had years of water spot build up. It was able to eliminate them easily

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