WATER SPOT Removal Bundle 16oz

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The Perfect Water Spot Bundle Kits in 16oz. Eliminate Water Spots from Paint and Glass Surfaces at a Discounted Price when you Bundle together and save!


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The Water Spot
Remover Duo 16OZ

The Perfect Water Spot Removal Pairing

Sud Factory Spotless X2 and Sud Factory Dissolve X2, the World's Famous Water Spot Removal Combination for Paint & Glass

Spotless X2 Annihilate water spots on all Glass surfaces. Eradicate all tough water spots safely and quickly for the perfect clarity.

Dissolve X2 Destroy water spots, stains, and contamination on all car painted surfaces. Removes excess wax, brake dust, fallout and more for a fresh clean slate



Tackle Water Spots on both Paint and Glass surfaces for an all around 360 degree cleaning


Save money and get free shipping when purchasing a water spot removal bundle today

USA Made

Formulated in the USA with raw materials sourced in the USA for a high-quality auto detail product



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54 reviews for WATER SPOT Removal Bundle 16oz

  1. Avatar

    Jim M. (verified owner)

    These are my go-to products for water spot removal on my car.

  2. Avatar

    Gilbert B.

    Check out our bundles, they are there for your happiness=) Thanks for buying!

  3. Avatar

    Max M.

    Had hard water stains and couldn’t remove them. This product did the job effortlessly. Just need to be careful, you don’t need to use a lot of product to make it work. I used about a dime size and was able to use it for maybe half the glass, Dissolve worked quick for the paint and it also made it glossier.

  4. Avatar

    Cody G.

    WORKS! Removed ALL my water spots. I thought they were stuck for good!

  5. Avatar

    Della M.

    Spotless and Dissolve helped me remove the water spots on my car. I also got the SFX1 later. I should have just got it in a bundle too, but I think they only just made the bundle not too long ago

  6. Avatar

    Luella B.

    Yes! Getting the bundle is a much cheaper option if you’re planning on removing spots from paint & glass.

  7. Avatar

    Jesus H.

    The bundle was a money saver. If you’re looking to buy spotless and dissolve I would just get this one because it saves you a lot of money

  8. Avatar

    Marguerite V. (verified owner)

    I got this for removing water spots on my car paint and glass. This works well.

  9. Avatar

    Jay Cross (verified owner)

    This bundle is great. Saved me some money on the famous products!

  10. Avatar


    I have had bad water spots for years. I tried everything from clay bar, vinegar, baking soda, other chemicals out there but nothing worked. I got tired trying all sorts of products and finally, I have found the perfect products thank you guys

  11. Avatar


    I went through a journey of extensive searching for the best products that I thought would work. As a busy mom, I do not have time to clean my car. It was getting hard for me to see through my windshield I tried their products out and I can finally see clearly thank you guys!

  12. Avatar

    cory santos (verified owner)

    I got this bundle to remove all the water spots from my car. The paint looks immaculate and the glass is so clear now! I can’t see anymore spots on the car so far so good i’d say.

  13. Avatar

    frank hunt (verified owner)

    At first Spotless X2 was the product I tried. I came back because I needed more and decided on getting the bundle instead to try out Dissolve x2. They do such a great job at removing water spots.

  14. Avatar

    Bess V (verified owner)

    My car was looking yellowish from red dirt stains that you can’t normally remove. I got dissolve to remove all the yellowing from my white car. Since the car had spots on the windows too the bundle was the way to go.

  15. Avatar

    Rosa C (verified owner)

    This bundle is great! The duo-cleaners that you’ll need to get the best cleaning you’ve every had.

  16. Avatar

    Bobby Thomas (verified owner)

    Dissolve x2 removed all the water spots easily. Spotless had a little more elbow grease into it but they both worked like advertised.

  17. Avatar

    olivia walsh (verified owner)

    Read some reviews about the two products and purchased 2 of these bundles for my detailing company.

  18. Avatar

    Lizzie C (verified owner)

    Once you go sud factory you don’t go back lol. Thank you for amazing products. Wouldn’t have been in business without the bundle. What a dream team.

  19. Avatar

    Lulu G (verified owner)

    Dissolve & Spotless has always been my go-to products for client cars. They always work and gets the job done so effectively with minimal effort.

  20. Avatar

    Eddie R (verified owner)

    You’ll be happy with these if you’re still asking yourself if you should get it. I use Sud Factory products exclusively and by far my favorites are Dissolve and Spotless. I will be trying out their SFX1 soon as they have more in stock.

  21. Avatar

    Emilie H (verified owner)

    I have tried these products in the past under a different brand new and they work jyst as great, They also got cheaper of the years so I’m happy about that too. You do get free shipping as well which is a plus with the bundle.

  22. Avatar

    Iva H (verified owner)

    The bundle is a great saver if you’re looking to get their water spots removers. Purchased a few of these already and looking to get more for our customers as well.

  23. Avatar

    Jean Shaw (verified owner)


  24. Avatar


    This is the first time I used their products and WOW! I have never written any reviews on any products but this duo is just amazing as advertised.

  25. Avatar

    Emily E. (verified owner)

    My entire car is now clean because of this.

  26. Avatar

    Norman L (verified owner)

    I bought some of these when it was spotbot brand?? I think it’s the same. he bundle is a good deal since I always buy spotless and dissolve anyway. Easy to purchase.

  27. Avatar

    etta leonard (verified owner)

    I was hesistant at first as I didn’t want to do my own car. But it was either this or paying for a detailer to do it. I chose this. for $69 you really can’t go wrong. I was quoted for $400 to do the job but I was happy to save money and do it myself under and hour to remove all the contamination.

  28. Avatar

    Lottie S (verified owner)

    My package arrived and I ended up detailing my car as soon as I got it in. My car looks so new!

  29. Avatar

    Eunice R (verified owner)

    After a while my black car started to get a bit dull and whiteish looking. My friend said dissolve woul dbring it back to dark rich color and he was right.

  30. Avatar

    Nora M (verified owner)

    I couldn’t believe my eyes after giving my car much needed love. My paint and glass is literally spotless at this point. Going to buy SFX1 to mix in with these for the protection. Really happy

  31. Avatar

    Jimmy M (verified owner)

    Originally thought about getting the spotless x2 only but since I had water spots everywhere on this car i figured this was the better option

  32. Avatar

    Lillian Logan

  33. Avatar

    joshua huff (verified owner)

    My products came in quick. Thank you sud factory! I cleaned my entire car the other day and extremely happy about the results.

  34. Avatar

    Cordelia A (verified owner)

    Recommend to everyone these products!

  35. Avatar

    augusta thomas (verified owner)

    Not wasting anymore money on other products, this bundle was the best investment for my care in a long time! Besides gas of course haha.

  36. Avatar

    Sarah S (verified owner)

    Normally don’t spend on the internet however I had to try these products out since my car suffered from the water spotting issues. True fan now!

  37. Avatar

    Willie W (verified owner)

    You guys got me from the ads then to the price! Lol. The videos showing how the paint water spot remover and glass water spot remover worked is phenomenal. It looked so easy. I tried it out and my car hasn’t look this clean in a logn time! Glad I found out about this.

  38. Avatar

    maude gross (verified owner)

    Would like to know if you plan on releasing anything for chorme? I tried the water spot remover for glass on the chrome and it worked well but I know you guys said nto to use it there so I was wondering if you guys were making one specifically for it? I used dissolve on my paint though and the results are by far the best i’ve come across in the world of auto detailign products.

  39. Avatar

    Herbert Ramos (verified owner)

    I was stunned of how quickly these products got my water spots out! I was so happy to take my car out the car meets again after having it all cleaned by myself. Everyone was asking me how I got it so clean

  40. Avatar

    Fannie F (verified owner)

    My lamborghini was in need of a TLC. Dissolve & Spotless did the trick.

  41. Avatar

    Maggie Mcgee (verified owner)

    I had purchased these products from going according to other customer reviews. After using Sud Factory water spot removers I do not want to try anyone else’s products because these products work.

  42. Avatar

    Frederick Wilkerson (verified owner)

    I have never bought anything on facebook before! I saw their ad and I just had to try it for curiosity purposes. My glass and paint now looks fabulous

  43. Avatar

    Maude B. (verified owner)

    This is my secret weapons for my customer’s cars. I wouldn’t tell them what I use so I covered up the labels, otherwise they would do it themselves and I would lose business! These products truly do work and I love it a lot. Customer’s see faster turnaround times as well so they are happy too I assure.

  44. Avatar

    Jerry Moody (verified owner)

    These products are like magic I have never thought that I could ever get my car this clean again but its spot free

  45. Avatar

    Gerald K (verified owner)

    Thank you guys my car is wonderful

  46. Avatar

    Helen Reid (verified owner)

    I saw my husband using the spotless on his windshield. I later went to check his car after he was done and it was flawlessly clean! I was so amazed. Our shower doors have had water spots and so I decided to try it on the shower doors and it worked just as great as my husband’s windshield thanks guys.

  47. Avatar

    Ronnie (verified owner)

    I tried to use baking soda with vinegar did no justice. I tried these two products and they work so well I had to place another order.

  48. Avatar

    Nancy M. (verified owner)

    These products were literally my last effort to try. I tried many different products and none worked. I was so pleased I tried these products out if I hadn’t I would still be having my water spot issues

  49. Avatar

    Frances Doyle

    I am in love with these products thank you sudfactory

  50. Avatar

    Albert Lambert (verified owner)

    OMG just buy it trust me

  51. Avatar

    Maude Lopez

    AWESOME products

  52. Avatar

    Mabel (verified owner)

    Easy DIY products that work well

  53. Avatar

    David A (verified owner)

    I’m on my second kit so far this month. Wonderful products

  54. Avatar

    Gertrude R (verified owner)

    Friends told me about this one in my car crew. We all have issues with water spots where we live so this helped us out a lot. Looking forward to trying out SFX1 too to prevent the spots from returning.

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