DISSOLVE x2 Paint Water Spot Killer

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***New and Improved Formula!***


Dissolve X2 The Supreme Paint Water Spot Killer is a highly advanced technology formula specializing in water spot and build-up removal for all painted surfaces to prevent permanent water stains and clear coat damage to your vehicle's exterior paint.

Let's face it, you spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on getting your wonderful new car. Now you've got water stains and contamination on your paint that makes your car look dull, yellowed and faded and if not removed in time, it becomes permanent damage to your clear coat and paint causing you more heartache and pain knowing you could have done something about it sooner, and now you're stuck with an eyesore issue that could cost you hundreds or thousands to fix. Dissolve X2 is here to help.

Dissolve X2 will exterminate hard water stains effectively using a simple process with quick results to reverse the water spot and contamination issues that make your paint look dead and withered away. Dissolve X2 removes all topical water spots and contamination to bring your paint to like-new glossy finish thanks to its proprietary formulary that will reverse the hands of time on your paint.

Dissolve X2 has the power to remedy rust, lime, scale, bird droppings and other contamination build-ups on your vehicle's surface.

Dissolve X2 comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee promise as we are confident to provide you with a product that will be guaranteed to work and if it's not the best paint water spot and contamination product you've tried, we give you your money back.

We guarantee your paint's glossiness will come back and your paint will look phenomenal as Dissolve X2 not only removes stains, but it also has paint brighteners that will enhance the depth and clarity of your paint for that ultra-sleek finish you've been hoping for.

Sud Factory only makes products that are here to outshine any competition after years of research and development to bring you quality-made handcrafted USA luxury products.

Dissolve X2 comes with a rare 100% money-back guarantee promise to protect your investment as we are confident in our ability to provide you with a product that works, no snake oil gimmicks, just pure satisfaction.


  • Removing hard water spots & mineral deposits on PAINT
  • Remedies calcium, limescale, and rust
  • Removes Yellowing and Whitening
  • Makes DULL Paint look brighter and more glossy
  • Revives paint into a shiny clean slate
  • Removes ALL Paint contamination for a fresh clean slate
  • Removes hard to remove red dirt stains


  1. Apply product to a microfiber towel
  2. Rub into water spots/build-up until stains are removed
  3. Rinse area with water to remove residue
  4. Repeat as needed



Spotless X2 – Glass Water Spot Remover
SFX1 – Instant Nano-Ceramic Coating (prevent water spots + protection)
Dissolve X2 – Paint Water Spot Remover
Suds – Hyper Foaming Car Wash

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Sud Factory Dissolve X2 is a world famous paint water spot remover. Dissolve X2 is a highly advanced formula specializing in water spot removal from all painted surfaces. It will terminate hard water stains effectively using a simple process for quick results. 

Dissolve X2 also helps to remove waxes, sealants, caked on brake dust, contamination and red dirt stains for a fresh clean slate to work on.

Sud Factory Dissolve X2 water spot remover has the power to remedy rust, lime and scale build up. A simple ready to use solution with extreme results for the demanding customer.


Sud Factory Dissolve X2 cleans out all topical water spot stains on paint from light to heavy duty jobs, eradicate them all!


Dissolve X2 requires no waiting period, simply apply the product to surface area with instant gratification!


Sud Factory Dissolve X2 only requires a microfiber application to see results without the use of machines!




Dissolve X2 is the next generation water spot removal product on the market. Dissolve X2 is fortified with a specific chemical formulary for the precision targeting of water spots and contamination build up!

You only need one product to get the job done for the extra clean your car deserves!

Obliterate your water spots today for the ultra paint clarirty you've been looking for!

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Made by professionals, for everyone to use

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Customer reviews

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48 reviews for DISSOLVE x2 Paint Water Spot Killer

  1. Avatar

    Mabelle R. (verified owner)

    I am extremely pleased with the ease of effort of this product as well as its amazing results. This product removed my water spots that had been caked on my vehicle for 8 months. I tried everything to remove it and I can’t get the darn water spots off. A friend of mine showed me the product so I decided to buy a bottle of my own. I was able to complete my whole entire car within less than 10 minutes. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Avatar

    Effie C. (verified owner)

    Works great

  3. Avatar

    Madge R. (verified owner)

    I bought this for my friends’ birthday since she has a black M3 that is covered in water spots. the water spots on her car went away with just simple wipes no buffers needed.

    • Avatar

      Sud Factory

      Thank you for the feedback! Glad you and your friend made the right decision on purchasing!

  4. Avatar

    Bernice B.

    Great product does what it’s supposed to do

  5. Avatar

    Douglas B.

    The product is totally legit. I removed all the water spots on my wife’s car it was amazing she was so thrilled.

    • Avatar

      Sud Factory

      Your wife must be happy you got all the water spots off instead of spending money to go get them buffed out by at a detail shop

  6. Avatar

    Vincent N. (verified owner)

    Let me save you some time and frustration just buy this stuff guys it really works

  7. Avatar

    Sean A. (verified owner)

    I was given the opportunity to sample the water-spot remover (dissolve x2) for the paint so I bought 10 bottles for my detail shop. You don’t need a buffer all you need is a microfiber cloth and dissolve x2. It lessened my time to detail. All you really need is applied effort to remove the water spots and then you’re done that simple!

    • Avatar

      Sud Factory

      Thank you for the review I’m glad you love our product 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Terry D. (verified owner)

    Miracle cure for my water spots on my paint!

  9. Avatar

    Lester J. (verified owner)

    I own an auto detailing company and I would like to say that dissolve water spot removal has it’s place for us. We always opt to use this first before we use anything else. Dissolve will remove about 95% of the water spots on our paint then the super etched in spots need to get buffed. Sometimes customer’s vehicles just come in too late and need some extra measures. However, dissolve resolves most of the issues before it gets any worse.

    • Avatar

      Sud Factory

      Thanks for your experience and sharing with everyone. We agree Dissolve is meant to remediate the hard water stains that need attention ASAP before it gets any worse. Once it’s too late, water spots eat through the clear coat and damage the underlying layer. It’s a great idea to have Dissolve on hand before you get damages to your paint that requires more money to fix.

  10. Avatar

    Randy H. (verified owner)

    My boss bought this water spot remover to use on all the used cars that we have before we sell it. We need to mock the cars up so the prep work with water spot removal needs to get done. This product will wipe out the water spots simply for us, so we like to use it exclusively.

    • Avatar

      Sud Factory

      Car dealership? Nice! We have exclusive pricing for wholesale if you’re interested in, kindly let your boss know 🙂

  11. Avatar

    Rosalie C.

    Very pleased with my purchase and results. My car was covered with hard water spots caked on for years. This product in a bundle with SFX1, spotless, and the dissolved worked in perfect harmony. Thank you, Sud Factory.

    • Avatar

      Sud Factory

      thank you for your purchase! I love hearing comments back from my previous customers

  12. Avatar

    Virgie C.

    I have a mobile detailing company. I used other products before and now I just switched all my cleaning products to Sud Factory. Dissolve saved me time and made me more money

    • Avatar

      Sud Factory

      I love this review! Especially because you are now using Sud Factory instead of another brand 🙂 Thanks for being committed to us and we look forward to providing you with the ultimate car cleaning products!

  13. Avatar

    Dylan Howard (verified owner)

    I use this with spotless and they work great to clean the entire car

  14. Avatar

    Noah V (verified owner)

    This removed all the water spots from my car

  15. Avatar

    Isabella M (verified owner)

    The glass version is just as good as this one. Dissolve X2 completely destroyed the water spots on my paint.

  16. Avatar

    Mina Clark (verified owner)

    Extremely easy to use product.

  17. Avatar

    Johnny J. (verified owner)

    I used this to remove red dirt stains on my white car that just didnt come off with anything I tried. Dissolve was the only thing to work so far.

  18. Avatar

    Jimmy U. (verified owner)

    I had the old spotbot product dissolve and this one is better. it seems a lot stronger.

  19. Avatar

    Cecilia James (verified owner)

    Water spots been sitting on my car for decades and this was able to get it off.

  20. Avatar

    Clarence (verified owner)

    New formula? This is great! The first version was already good, I wonder what difference there is? It still removed all the water spots easily lol. It does seem a bit stronger though, like a little faster to work.

  21. Avatar

    Todd Simpson (verified owner)

    Only took a microfiber towel to remove the water spots!

  22. Avatar

    George J. (verified owner)

    I used this with the Spotless X2 for the glass before this one. I loved that a lot so I came back to purchase for paint too.

  23. Avatar

    Amelia W (verified owner)

    Wow, it works lie magic!

  24. Avatar

    Stephen E. (verified owner)

    Spotless was the only product I tried from this company, I picked this up after testing out the window one. They both did the job well.

  25. Avatar

    William Ford (verified owner)

    I recommend Dissolve to anyone who is looking for a product that actually works!

  26. Avatar

    Clayton M. (verified owner)

    Had some really bad water spots on my car, Dissolve paint water spot remover was good for my needs.

  27. Avatar

    Travis T. (verified owner)

    I was surprised by how easy it worked.

  28. Avatar

    Jordan M. (verified owner)

    Took the water spots from the paint effortlessly. All it took was a microfiber towel. Normally I would need to use a clay bar, and some buffing and washing to get spots out, but I was able to remove the hard water spots effortlessly with this.

  29. Avatar

    Aiden Mccarthy (verified owner)

    Tried everything ont he market this is the only brand i trust

  30. Avatar

    Maud (verified owner)

    Okay so there has to be some kind of brightener in here. I thought all it did was remove the water spots? I found out it does way more than that. My paint job is glossy and looks like the factory finish has been restored. Amazed… I posted up some videos on my Instagram.

  31. Avatar

    Oscar T (verified owner)


  32. Avatar

    Bill B (verified owner)

    NO more wasting money on other crap products. Sud Factory did a good job with this paint water spot remover.

  33. Avatar

    Delia F. (verified owner)

    Finally a product that works as advertised!

  34. Avatar

    Georgie D (verified owner)

    I have a white toyota tacoma and tried juts about everythign to remove the water spots and the red stains from my car as it started to look yellowish and not the same white it was from when I first bought it. Used this to get rid of the contamination and i was so happy for the first time in along time. my baby finally looks clean, seriously clean. Nothing can compare to this

  35. Avatar

    Laura (verified owner)

    Hands down the best water spot remove for paint period.

  36. Avatar

    Seth L (verified owner)

    Used this before I put on SFx1. Cleaned the car really good first

  37. Avatar

    Irene P. (verified owner)

    I purchased the bundle for this with the spot remover for glass. the price was good and the shipping was quick. i recommend buying from sud factory

  38. Avatar

    Victor M (verified owner)

    Local company doing big things! keep it coming! cheeeee!

  39. Avatar

    Nancy Clark (verified owner)

    Thanks guys wouldnt know what to do without spotless. I park my car right by sprinklers can you imagine how bad it gets every day? Dissolve did the trick for me! I also got their SFX1 nano ceramic coating and this stuff works so good. The water just slides off so easily. The best duo ever.

  40. Avatar

    Abbie Banks (verified owner)

    Took out the white spots from my black truck. Now it doesnt look faded and the black color is truly popping like it used to be brand new!

  41. Avatar

    Marvin H. (verified owner)

    Removed all the contamination from my car. Can’t be happier with the results!

  42. Avatar

    Amelia Martin (verified owner)

    Couldn’t agree more with everyone else that got Dissolve. Stuff is so good.

  43. Avatar

    Amelia Pearson (verified owner)

    It just works plain and simple. Thanks Sud Factory for bringing out a product that actually works.

  44. Avatar

    Sophia (verified owner)

    I tried some other products from other companies that im not going to mention names. Their product hid it at best and once it worse off the spots came back. DISSOLVE ON THE OTHER HAND JUST TOOK IT RIGHT OUT!

  45. Avatar

    Helen Rowe (verified owner)

    My car got a lot of water spots i had hard time trying to remove because where i park at my apartment the water sprinklers just bombard my car and it looks terrible. Can’t avoid it since the sprinklers are right at the parking stalls. I used SFX1 to coat the car after using Dissolve to remove the water spots. Both of these products are a must have. I have spots on the windows too but didn’t get the spotless yet to try. Im going to get it right after this review.

  46. Avatar

    Bertha Bush (verified owner)

    You guys are the best! Wasted so much money on other rubbish that said it could remove water spots. Your guys product was only one to work. You definitely have my attention and my business!

  47. Avatar

    Milton (verified owner)

    I pretty much found out about this product doing a google search for best water spot remover for paint and this came up. I ended up buying it and super happy about it!

  48. Avatar

    Beulah C (verified owner)

    Didn’t need any special tools to remove the water spots. This did the job without any extra tools just a microfiber towel and some water.

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