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SFX1 – The BEST Nano Ceramic Coating Spray

Now that you’ve removed water spots from your cars or home, it’s time to protect it with a spray on coating that will prevent permanent water spots and contamination build-up from forming once again… all while enhancing the surface color depth and clarity.

SFX1 Instant Nano Ceramic Gloss Coating is the newest breed of real quartz-based hydro-coating technology. Rated #1 for the quickest, easiest and glossiest nano-spray coating technology.

Developed to enhance your car’s glossiness, restores paint color depth and provide vehicle protection from water spots, paint fading, rust, and bug acid spots.

Designed to Repel Water and Contamination!

Preserve the new-looking finish with SFX1. We also have bundles for your convenience, which also saves you money when you get SFX1 with your favorite water spot remover(s).

Use it to protect your:

– Car paint and windows
– Chrome trim, plastics, and rubber
– Wheels / Rims
– Shower glass doors and home windows
– Home interior surfaces and fixtures
–  Appliances and more

Offers water spot resistance, protection from UV fading, prevents and reduces effects from bird droppings, industrial fallout, bug acid, brake dust, dirt, grime, and a mild chemical resistance.

Once coated, it will have a nice glossy finish that is equally nice to the touch as it gives it a unique velvety-feeling so you know for sure it’s coated with an amazing quality product!