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Water Spot Removal and Protection Tips

As you know, we only offer a handful or products because ‘Quality is King’. We don’t pitch you dozens of different products for the same purpose of getting one job done, we have 1 specific product for each purpose, and it’s so amazing (according to our customers) that you won’t need anything else for the same job!

This in turn saves your time and money as we know that getting the right product for the job is crucial in today’s times.

Here’s a bit of tips to help you succeed in water spot removal and protection on your cars and in your home when you get our Ultimate Water Spot Removal & Protection Bundle

#1 Spotless X2: Use to remove water spot and other contamination on all glass surfaces including windows on cars, home and shower doors. You can also use it to clean your faucets, sinks, steel appliance, glass stove top, toilet bowls and shower walls.

For best results, use with microfiber towel for lighter water spots, and for medium to heavy water spots use with a terry cloth or a non-scratch 3m pad (white) or similar. The reasons are due in levels of product absorption. The more product absorbed into the application material the less aggressive, the less is absorbed the more aggressive it is. This is also why you see some videos of customers using fingers to apply, there is virtually no absorption and product has full contact with surface. If you do this, please at the very least use with a glove.

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Remember to use enough pressure to get the water spots off. In some cases you’ll need to use some elbow grease if the water spots are very hard to remove, because the type of spots and how long it’s been sitting will vary. Rest assured, it will always work, just may take a little more effort, but at least you will get to remove the stains that you’ve been trying to deal with.

#2 Dissolve X2: Use it to remove water spots on all painted surfaces with clear coat. For best results apply with a microfiber towel. In most cases you can wipe away water spots as you apply the product. If the water spots are a bit more severe, you can apply the product to the surface and let it sit for about 30 seconds to a minute before wiping away with a clean towel. Please remember to rinse the area with water after removal is done.

One golden rule to follow is, do it in a shaded area or when there is not a lot of sun and the surface is cool to the touch. This is because the product can dry too quickly and render it ineffective.

#3 SFX1: Use this after all water spot and contamination removal has been done. This will prevent the water spots from coming back and becoming a permanent problem again.

For best results, use with a microfiber towel. Apply it when the surface is cool and not in direct sunlight as it could cure too quickly before you get a chance to spread it.

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If the surface is cool, you may spread it evenly and let it sit for about a minute then wipe it away. If the surface is warm/hot or you have a lot of humidity it is best to apply and wipe it away immediately as it will cure almost instantly.

This just about wraps it up in a nutshell for our most popular product, Ultimate Bundle and I hope this helps you in your decisions!

Check this video out on YouTube!

Sud Factory Spotless X2 Water Spot Remover