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The truth about waterless car wash

Waterless car wash was invented on the premise to conserve water and while it is a noble cause, it leaves behind many questions like

  • “Does Waterless Car Wash Provide Proper Care For My Paint?
  • “Does Waterless Car Wash Really Work?”
  • “How To Use Waterless Car Wash?”
  • “What Is Waterless Car Wash Made Of?”

With those concerns in mind, let me just say that there is no way to remove dirt without liquid of any sort.

I truly believe that removing dirt without water is a very bad idea.

There are complex soil compounds that don’t easily wipe off with just water and requires more lubricant to prevent abrasions on your paint.

For example, if you were given a bottle of lotion and were told that you don’t need to ever take a bath but just to apply this lotion… would you do it?

If you are completely insane, you will, but most people in their right mind won’t entertain such a ludicrous idea and hopefully, we can help shed some light on this subject to better help you make an educated decision.


   Often times the directions on the prospective product will state that you can just spray and wipe.

A very bad idea if the subject vehicle is extremely dirty.

If there is excessive filth then there is no alternative to a real wash with water and soap mitts.

Tons of people have made that mistake by following those instructions and have been horribly upset with the results.

Often times people end up resulting in paying a skilled detailer or Auto body shop hundreds or thousands of dollars to correct their paint after the subject product doesn’t live up to its advertised use.

Correct usage of these products should be followed as the instructions state but if your vehicle is heavily soiled, proceed to conventional washing and use the waterless car wash product only as a finishing touch.

The best way to gauge if your vehicle can be used with a waterless car wash product is by inspecting to see if the gloss of the paint can be seen through the layer of soil on your vehicle.

If you can’t see the gloss or the paint has oxidation, waterless car wash products will provide very frustrating results and may not render the desired results expected while having a labor-intensive experience.


 While some products are better then others, they all have different degrees of effectiveness and some may require using more product while others may use less.

You should never confuse price as an indication of product quality unless you have a lot of money.

Due diligence and homework pay off by researching and reading reviews on products left by neutral parties on whom have used them.

Save yourself a headache and added expenses by learning from others experiences.


 If you have a brand New vehicle, these products work wonderfully for upkeep and maintenance.

If your vehicle is weathered and oxidized, it’s not the best solution.

Older finishes may require buffing to bring the glossiness back to your paint finish before using waterless car wash products.

The best advice on using waterless car wash products will come from reputable and skilled Auto Body Shops and Automotive Detailing companies.

It will potentially save you time and money by seeking the console of these professional services.

In the summary of all of this information, it boils down to whether you have enough money for professional vehicle care or have the time and would like to save money by caring for the vehicle on your own.

On the other hand, Automotive connoisseurs and enthusiasts prefer self-care for the passion of the craft while others can afford the convenience.

We hope to have educated you on these matters and it is our pleasure to have helped you make the best decision regarding waterless car wash products.


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  1. You said:
    “Often times the directions on the prospective product will state that you can just spray and wipe.
    A very bad idea if the subject vehicle is extremely dirty.”

    Well, no kidding. It was never meant to use on extremely dirty cars. It’s for what I call “dusting” – for between washes. And some are better than others. You’d think Rain-X would make a good product since they were really at the forefront of keeping windshields, clean, but it’s not nearly as good as Meguiar’s. Now that’s some serious slick stuff. Wish I’d have had it available when I bought my car back in the early 80’s. The finish would certainly look a lot better now.

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