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What is Spotless X2? The World’s best water spot remover

What is Spotless X2?
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We have a lot of questions about Spotless X2 World’s Best Water Spot Remover and it’s uses. Therefore, I will do a little Q&A today to let you know more about it.

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I will be answering most of the frequently asked questions here:

Q: Where is Spotless X2 made?
A: Spotless X2 is made in USA. We are a 100% USA based company out of Hawaii.

Q: Is it only made for professionals?
A: We designed Spotless X2 to be used by anyone including general consumers, professional detailers, and house cleaners.

Q: Is it easy to use?
A: Yes, we don’t require any tools other than a towel/cloth to get the job done. This is what makes Spotless X2 different. You don’t need to visit a professional or purchase any additional machinery for it to work.

Q: Can Spotless X2 remove hard water spots from well water and sprinklers?
A: Absolutely, Spotless X2 was formulated to remove the toughest watermarks that no other products are able to do so effectively.

Q: A professional detailer told me I need to replace the windows because of water spot etching, can this product help?
A: Yes! Spotless X2 is able to remove etched-in water spots without issues. Everyone’s issues are different, some more severe than others, and some easier. In any case, Spotless X2 will always work. Depending on the level of stains, Spotless X2 will require a different way to apply it. We guarantee it will work and save you hundreds of dollars.

Q: What is the best way to apply Spotless X2?
For lighter stains, we recommend a microfiber towel.
For medium to heavy-duty, we recommend with a terry cloth.
For the severe etched in water spots on the vehicle windows or the shower doors, you will need to use Spotless X2 with a white 3m scotch pad or steel wool.
If you are using it for shower doors only, you may use any 3m scotch pad color. The reason behind the different application methods is the level of product absorption. Remember to also use appropriate pressure when scrubbing. AND Yes… You can also use it with your fingers, but if you do so, please at least put gloves on.

Q: Can I use a buffer with Spotless X2?
A: Yes! You can safely use Spotless X2 with a buffer. It will speed up the processing time. We recommend using it on medium speed with a white pad.

Q: How does it work?
A: Spotless X2 works like a compound, where it needs to be hand-buffed onto the surface but also like a cleaner. Their difference is what’s inside of Spotless X2 that makes it work better than anything you’ve tried. We have proprietary ingredients that aid in the removal of the water spots by “softening” the mineral build-up and nanoparticles of diamond dust, making it an effective dual-action product.

Q: What can it remove?
A: Spotless X2 can remove water spots made of minerals and sud residue, It can also remove calcium, lime, and rust. You can effectively remove mildew, and all other dirt, oily and grime stains. Spotless X2 is a great all around cleaner for the toughest jobs.

Q: Can I use it on paint?
A: No, we have a separate product for paint which is Dissolve X2, works effectively on all clear coated surfaces of your vehicle.

Q: Does it prevent water spots from coming back?
A: Spotless X2 is a permanent water spot removal. It will remove existing spots that have been deemed permanent and irremovable. Spotless X2 is made for water spot removal only. But here’s a little secret, again, due to proprietary formulary, Spotless X2 also leaves a nano-film on the surface that will repel water marks for a short time. Eventually, it will wash off which is why we developed a product called SFX1 that will prevent future water spot etching again.

Q: What surfaces can I use Spotless X2 on?
A: Windows, all glass surfaces. You can also use it on stainless steel, faucet and fixtures. Chrome surfaces. Aluminum surfaces. You can use it to also clean your sinks, marble and all other stone countertops. Stovetops. Tile, grout. Swimming pools. Toilet bowls and tubs/showers.

All shipping for today will be free 2-3 days via USPS. Processing time may take a couple of days due to the weekend.

If you have any questions that I may have missed, please don’t hesitate to message me via text at (808) 379-9332 and I’ll be able to assist you. In case you change you have issues with your products, just remember we have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Thanks again for stopping in, and please use your 20% off coupon code “Spotless20” today at!

Shella C.
CEO Sud Factory
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  1. My friend had his track for 30 years He had water spots all over his window he used this product and It took All the water spots off .(amazing.)

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